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Yo! YouTube Wraps! Dr. Ian Glover City University London {[email protected]}

Yo! YouTube wraps!

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Presentation from ALT-C 2012 about a tool I created that helps add extra information to YouTube videos

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  • 1. Yo! YouTube Wraps! Dr. Ian Glover City University London {[email protected]}
  • 2. Questions to Answer Whats a Wrapped Video? Why would I want one? Nice! How do I make one?! The Techie way The Easy way Where can I put my Wrapped Video? Who made all this? Any further plans?
  • 3. Whats a Wrapped Video?
  • 4. This?
  • 5. Youve already used that joke! It isnt a joke; Its a theme!
  • 6. Wrapped video Provides additional information beside the video including links to other resources Pauses automatically at selected points i.e. at the end of a section Each section can have different information
  • 7. Ok, so why do I want it? Add extra information Provide contextual information and links Break a video into discrete sections Prompt viewers with questions Works on any embeddable video
  • 8. How do I create them? Two main methods A very manual and techie, but flexible, way A more use-friendly, but structured, way
  • 9. The Techie Way Create a structured JavaScript Object Notification (JSON) file or several. Manually managing relationships between multiple records. Create HTML and CSS files to present the video and information Package with all required support files
  • 10. Code for Some Elements Text element { "id" : "T001", "project_id" : "1", "video_id" : "10", "code" : "T0018", "relation" : "V0010", "type" : "Text", "content" : "...", "label" : "...", "description" : "...", "text" : "...", "topic" : "...", "time" : "10 } Question element { "id" : "Q0001", "section_id" : "1", "relation" : "T0001", "type" : "Question", "subject" : "...", "label" : "... }
  • 11. The Easy Way Simple online creation tool Structured Persistent No coding required Automatically packaged
  • 12. Editing Interface
  • 13. Where Can I Put my Video? Just HTML, JavaScript and CSS files Upload into a VLE On a web server As a blog post? Doesnt currently run locally.
  • 14. Who Do I Need to Pay for This? No-one! All Free/Open Source Core code based on Exhibit Open Source from MIT Video Extensions by Ensemble Project Recent funding from JISC to develop further Creation Tool by me Minimal server requirements Contact me for access or the code
  • 15. Future Plans? Ensemble team doing further development work. Develop my tool to add: Security features Copying items Drag-and-drop to move items Stylesheet selection
  • 16. Thanks Questions?