Worldcup, Behind the Glitz & Glory

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2. THINK THE WORLD CUP IS GLORIOUS? Thursday, July 24, 14 3. ohhh... you better think again Thursday, July 24, 14 4. Shortly before the tournament This is a protest, not a celebratory stunt Thursday, July 24, 14 5. Anti-FIFA graffiti decorated walls Thursday, July 24, 14 6. & Walls Thursday, July 24, 14 7. MORE WALLS & MORE THAN WALLS Thursday, July 24, 14 8. ITS PRETTY CLEAR NOT ALL BRAZILIANS WERE THRILLED ABOUT THE BID Thursday, July 24, 14 9. FIGURES According to the Ministry of Sports Brazil, the total cost to fund WC2014 hit R$25.6 Bil or $11.63US Bil Thats about 61% of Brazils education budget of R$44.2 Bil South Africa spent $6US Bil on WC2010 Thursday, July 24, 14 10. & WHATS WRONG WITH THAT? 15% of Brazilians are living in poverty Countless poor Brazilians were evicted from their homes to pave way for accommodation & infrastructure The money was overspent Besides poverty, Brazil still struggles with sanitation and drugs & the home team clearly disappointed Thursday, July 24, 14 11. ISSUES Thursday, July 24, 14 12. the Homeless In some parts of Brazil, homeless children are increasing due to employment lows About 11mil Brazilians live in slums A huge number of them were kicked out with only $15-22,000 Not even close to being able to purchase a place due to high real estate prices An estimated decit of 6.6mil housing units in Brazil 2,500 homeless in Rio de Janeiro & 10,000 in Sao Paolo Rent was increased by double digits to fund stadiums meant for WC2014 Minimum wage of $360 not even enough Thursday, July 24, 14 13. PRIORITIES The poor feel that their government is apathetic to their situation Fancy stadiums chosen over people Fancy stadiums risk unprotable future Brazilians demanded money to be spent on education and healthcare instead Debating for lower transport costs Cops & Government dont seem to care about the child sex trafcking & prostitution that was rampant on streets Thursday, July 24, 14 14. inhumane counters to protests What began as a peaceful demonstration resulted into violent clashes when... Tear gas & rubber pellets were used to target protestors newspapers carried photos of bruised and battered protestors and journalists Police brutality resulted in the deaths of 23 people Deaths include a shot 12-year old, 66 year- old woman and an 81 year-old man Thursday, July 24, 14 15. PROTEST VIDEO Thursday, July 24, 14 16. Other Problems Stadiums -The readiness of stadiums for tournament -Construction accidents resulting in 8 deaths -More than 1000 ticket holders had to exchange tickets because stadium cant be completed on time Infrastructure -Besides incomplete stadiums, infrastructure to accommodate WC2014 couldnt be done on time -An unnished overpass that collapsed left 2 dead ad 19 injured Thursday, July 24, 14 17. Was the money spent worth? According to economists, its totally bogus If the government cant nd a buyer, it is unclear who will fork out the $250,000 maintenance costs Several Economists believe that as much as communities assume that sports facilities will bring revenue, they actually dont have an impact on the economy The only organization or people that walk away smiling, is FIFA with $4 Bil in prots When the glamor fades, the problems will surface back up again (Not that it havent been) Thursday, July 24, 14 18. SOURCES fd56-11e3-8a6c-001a4bcf6878.html budget/ money/ Thursday, July 24, 14