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  • 1. World Cup Writing Unit The passions of football can tear people apart, but also do much to bring people together (Tim Vickery).

2. Unit Overview

  • Whether you enjoy watching football or not, the World Cup is a major world event. The 2006 World Cup final was the most watched event to date, and this year's final is expected to set another record with an estimated 600 million viewers; that is one in ten humans!

3. Unit Overview

  • Many countries, including England, celebrate football as their national sport. In Brazil, the government, the banks, and major companies put business on hold for the length of the games, while in Slovenia exams were written early to avoid conflicting with the World Cup.

4. Unit Overview

  • In England, nearly every television advert will have a World Cup theme. St. George's flag willhang from every second window, and whether you are interested or not, newspaper headlines, radio announcers, and Facebook statuses will keep you informed on the latest wins, losses, goals, or red cards.

5. Unit Overview

  • This three week scheme of work, will use the World Cup as inspiration to write creative and informative pieces.

6. Assessment Focusses:

  • Reading:
  • AF2 understand, describe, select or retrieve information, events or ideas from texts and use quotation and reference in text; AF3 deduce infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts;
  • Writing:
  • AF1 write imaginative, interesting and thoughtful texts; AF2 produce texts which are appropriate to task, reader and purpose.

7. Introduction 8. Group Stage

  • Writing to Inform -- this task is to be completed in table groups:
  • Each table group is to create a newspaper with three sections (rough drafts in one lesson; neat drafts in the next):
    • News story reporting on your designated team's qualification in the World Cup;
    • A 'star player' profile;
    • Gossip column reporting on a players wife/girlfriend.

9. Group Stage

  • One person should design the newspaper: title, layout, and draw any images to go along with the articles.Choose a member of your group with good artistic ability for this task.
  • One person needs to write a news story reporting on your designated team's qualification in the World Cup.This does not need to be based in fact but it should sound like it is true.
    • One person needs to create a 'star player' profile.This can be a real or made up player, and can be done as a written piece or like acollector card(click for instructions).
    • One person will needs to write a gossip column reporting on a players wife/girlfriend. Again this can be a real person or a fictionalWAG.
  • Writing to Inform each written piece needs to be done as a rough draft in your exercise books then peer edited by someone else in your group (for spelling, grammar, and content).

10. Stage 2

  • Read and Report: this activity is to be completed in table groups:
  • Each group will read a football related story and report it to the class. They need to inform the class of the following:
    • plot summary
    • key characters
    • strengths and weaknesses
    • key quotes
    • rating (1 to 5 stars)

11. Stage 2

  • One person should write a plot summary this could be done as a timeline or as a written summary.
  • One person needs to write profiles for each key character. This could be done as visual character sketches or as a written piece.
    • One person needs to write out what the group thinks the strengths and weaknesses are.Be specific (use P.E.E.).
    • One person will find three or four key quotes that sum up what the story is about, and be able to explain why you chose those quotes.
  • Reading for Meaning each written piece needs to be done as a rough draft in your exercise then presented to the class.The purpose is to give everyone a glimpse of each story.

12. The Final

  • Writing to Entertain: this activity will be completed individually

After hearing the stories,individualswill write theirownstories, based around the World Cup or football in general. 1. Rough drafts in one lesson (completed for homework); 2. Peer editing in table groups (30 min.) -- each person at your table will read your story and comment on: spelling, correct use of full stops, strengths and suggestions; 3. Neat drafts (begin after peer edit is completed and must be finished by the end of the next lesson). 13. Extension Activities Football Films: WatchSixty Six , and write a film review using the provided template.