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  • 1. WOLF idioms

2. Cry Wolf She had repeatedly rung the police for trivial reasons and perhaps she had cried wolf too often. 3. Keep The Wolf From The Door Forty percent of the country's population receive part-time wages that barely keep the wolf from the door. 4. A Lone Wolf The typical role for Bogart was the Casablanca character, a lone wolf, cynical but heroic. 5. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing The financial advisor we hired turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing who stole from the people he promised to help. 6. A Wolf Whistle Wolf-whistle Someone (Br & Au)

  • I was wolf-whistled by a group of builders as I crossed the street.
  • She'll get a few wolf whistles if she walks through town in those shorts.

7. Wolf Down (food) You wolfed that down very quickly. When was the last time you ate? 8. Throw sb. to the Wolves On my 1 stday at work I was confronted with 16 angry passengers demanding their money back. I felt as if Id been thrown to the wolves.