Will iPads Replace Laptops?

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NCTIES 2011 session. iPads are fun and easy to use, but are they productive? Will they be the next generation of hardware for 1:1? In this session we will discuss the pros and cons of using iPads, their uses compared to laptops as well as how they are currently being used in the classroom. Which hardware will reign supreme? You decide!

Text of Will iPads Replace Laptops?

  • 1.Bethany V Smith
    College of Education @ NC State University

2. 3. 4. What do you think?
5. Twtpoll
6. Weight & Size
7. 8. Laptop Averages
9. Laptop Averages
10. 11. Battery Life
12. 9-10 Hours
13. 24 Hours
14. 15. Interface
16. 3G Capable
Touch Screen
Ultra Portable
Pinch & Zoom
On Screen Keyboard
17. Bulky
Windows/Mac OS/Linux
VGA Output
USB Ports
18. MacBook Air
Laptop Exceptions
3G Modems
19. 20. Software
21. 22. http://teachwithyouripad.wikispaces.com/
23. 24. 25. Price
26. Wi-fi
16 GB $499
32 GB$599
64 GB$699
Wi-fi + 3G
16 GB $629
32 GB$729
64 GB$829
Dont Forget your Mobile Plan!
27. 28. The Exceptions
$950 - $1750
$250 - $450
Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet
MacBook Air
Asus eeePC
29. 30. Pros
Easy to use
No Flash
Lack of ports
Long battery life
No Camera
No Multi-tasking
31. Pros
More Available Software
Larger Screen
Short Battery Life
32. Implementation
33. Cart or Take Home?
34. iTunes account for every student?
35. To lock down or not to lock down?
36. http://ipadeducators.ning.com/
Wireless Network
Identification Strategy
Professional Development
37. The Webb School of Knoxville
38. "The device comes with an easy price, is simple to use and support, and handles the vast majority of what our teachers need it to do in the classroom."
39. Cedars school of excellence
40. We are now at the stage where the iPad is embedded in the way we do business at the school. When we first started, we thought we could guard against misuse by threatening to take away the childs iPad for a day or so. It turns out that doing so would now completely break the school day for that child. We might as well make them sit in the hallway and face the wall for the entire day. I did not expect that we would reach that point so soon.
41. Twtpoll
42. What do we need a laptop to do?
43. "I can do 90% of what I need to accomplish on my iPad.My laptop has been relegated to sitting on my desk at work.I only use it when I need to do something more suited to the desktop environment."
44. The iPad does some things VERY well, and other things not at all. Are you willing to sacrifice what you can't do with an iPad, with what you can do?
45. Maybe we need to think about it as a completely different kind of instructional tool
46. "It became clear during the short extent of our study thus far the power of the device for libraries, mobile data collection, for small group work, and for special needs students. Its not like a laptop in those situations, but more like a completely different type of instructional toolbecause it is so much more mobile and because of the screen profile and touch screen."
47. BUT Wait...
48. 49. Bethany V. Smith
Twitter: bethanyvsmith