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Slides I use to introduce students to an assignment in which they improve Wikipedia articles relevant to their course instead of writing a term paper

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  • 1.Introduction to Wikipedia &Wikipedia assignment

2. Highly popular 3. Wide variety of uses 4. Wide variety of uses 5. The encyclopedia that anyone can edit 6. The encyclopedia that anyone can edit 7. Who is editing now? 8. Interactions dont always go smoothly 9. Wiki 10. Wikis applied to many domain 11. Wikipedia AssignmentWrite a new Wikipedia article or substantially improve an existing one on a topic relevant to the course 12. Goals of Wikipedia assignment Become an expert in some topic relevant to thecourse Provide common ground for class Getting involved in a online community new to most Example of problems & solutions in contribution, regulation,socialization, organization & start-up Provide a public good Return some of what youve learned back to the world byimproving Wikipedia 13. History Founded in Jan 15, 2001 as a feederto Nupedia, an expert-authored, peer-reviewed, free encyclopedia Co-founders Jimmy Wales Larry SangerJimmy Wales Heavily subsidized by, Wales search portal, ad andporn company Larry Sanger 14. Growth English version ~4M articles in English language Wikipedia 151,934 unique editors Average 435 words/article (vs. 650 in Britannica) Doubling number of & editors articles every 40 weeks Slower growth starting in 2007 All versionsArticle growth per month 250 languages 11 language versions > 100K articles 282,875 unique editors Spin-offs Wiktionary, wikibooks, wikiversity, wikinews, wikispecies, wikiquote, wikisource 15. Misalignment in Wikipedia: Iron Manor ds w ,1 89 1016 16. Major source of information on most psychologicalconcepts 17. Yet many Wikipedia articles on psychology wereimpoverished or out of date t ub entA S ont ocly n irt ual rdsVo nc es 0 w f er e 35 r e No 18. Assignment Substantially improve a Wikipedia article relevant tothe course or write a new one, if one doesnt exist. Goal is Good Article status 19. wNe bio rylit hheoiginaing bio ts w fromOrbepag rated 7om 2 a cl e c :2ti1 ar heorysep tions ,669 c t and ons: 7Se rds: 5 1 5tiSec s: 831Wo ges: es: 3 18 d Wor es: 0 Ima erenc links: f g5Ima rences: : 7Re ernalt s Ex Refe nal linkr Exte 20. Undergrads can do amazing workGreta Munger, Davidson College, an honor seminar courseGreta Munger, Davidson College, an honor seminar course 21. Editing 22. Portions of poor quality 23. Revisions: History of the article Mar 17, 2010 Jan 24, 2011 24. Article discussion pages: Wherecoordination gets done 25. Principles and policies 26. What Wikipedia is not 27. Creating a user account 28. Via APS/Wikipedia Initiative Register for class: CarCMU 05-32039-000-rob 29. 7. Link your real name to username at 30. Create a user page & sandbox To create a subpage (e.g., sandbox): [[user:Charlottesweb28/Sandbox]] Or practice in 31. Start your user page by copyingsomeone elses 32. Editing your user page 33. Provides a dashboard & tools forworking on assignment 34. Read the Wikipedia Tutorial