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Presentation from Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong about promoting gender diversity in Wikipedia.

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2. WHAT IS DIVERSITY? 2WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA Diversity is: variety, plurality, multiplicity But of what? 2Saturday, August 10, 13 3. (SOME) DIVERSITY TYPES 3WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA Socio-demographic diversity > gender, age, citizenship ... Role/Position-related diversity > editor, admin, steward ... Epistemic diversity > topics, arguments, references ... Cognitive-affective diversity > intelligence, reasoning, attitudes ... 3Saturday, August 10, 13 4. A. WHY CHANGING ANYTHING? 4WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 4Saturday, August 10, 13 5. WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA Approx. 90% male users in the editor base: SO WHAT??? 5 5Saturday, August 10, 13 6. REASON #1 The editor base is declining ... WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 6 6Saturday, August 10, 13 7. 7WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA Post-2007, lots of people were still trying to become Wikipedia editors. What had changed, though, is that they were increasingly failing to integrate into the Wikipedia community, and failing increasingly quickly. Sue Gardner EDITOR RETENTION 7Saturday, August 10, 13 8. WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA DECLINE THEORIES 8 8Saturday, August 10, 13 9. The average contributor to Wikipedia is "a 26-year-old geeky male who moves on to other ventures, gets married and leaves the website." Jimmy Wales WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 9 9Saturday, August 10, 13 10. Twitter and Facebook have sucked up all the cognitive surplus younger internet users might have once devoted to building up Wikipedia and shattered it into a million eeting hashtags. WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 10 10Saturday, August 10, 13 11. WORKLOAD PROBLEM WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA That's a problem for everyone, because it means that experienced editors are needing to shoulder an ever-increasing workload, and bureaucrat and administrator positions are growing ever-harder to ll. Sue Gardner, March_2011_Update 11 11Saturday, August 10, 13 12. 12WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA SOLUTION #1 12Saturday, August 10, 13 13. 13WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA SOLUTION #2 13Saturday, August 10, 13 14. REASON #2 Perspective bias in articles ... WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 14 14Saturday, August 10, 13 15. The paucity of information available on Wikipedia about MacKinnon [feminist, lawyer] and Marshall [the rst African-American Justice appointed to the Supreme Court, US] is merely reective of the fact that Sideshow Bob [character in The Simpsons] is what interests the sites 90% male contributors, not historical gures who are of signicance to minorities. Also, the lack of information on Wikipedia about the two is not because there is a lack of information in general [...]. It just means that nobody cared that much to enrich the article. WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 15 15Saturday, August 10, 13 16. 16 HISTORICAL FIGURES, SCIENTISTS, POLITICIANS WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA WOMEN BIOGRAPHIES Note: Betweenness centrality quanties the number of times a node acts as a bridge along the shortest path between two other nodes. // Centrality in graph theory // Wikipedia 16Saturday, August 10, 13 17. 17WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA CONTENT COVERAGE Table 1 shows our results, which indicate that males and females are focused on disparate content areas within Wikipedia. There is a greater concentration of females in the People and Arts areas, while males focus more on Geography and Science. In: WP: Clubhouse? 17Saturday, August 10, 13 18. 18WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA MEANING NEGOTIATION 18Saturday, August 10, 13 19. REASON #3 The image of free & open ... WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 19 19Saturday, August 10, 13 20. INTERNATIONAL PRESS WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA Wikisexism Ghettoizing Exclusion EN PL DE 20 20Saturday, August 10, 13 21. DIVERSITY IN GERMAN WP B. WHAT IS OUR PROJECT ABOUT? 21WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 21Saturday, August 10, 13 22. Gender & Technology Center @Beuth University, Berlin In cooperation with Wikimedia Deutschland One of 5 annual projects on Enhancing knowledge diversity in Wikipedia run by Wikimedia Deutschland Focus on gender diversity, later other diversity aspects Aim: Diversity concept with guidelines & set of actions Method: Open innovation approach & transdisciplinarity 22WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA WIKIPEDIA DIVERSITY (WiDi) 22Saturday, August 10, 13 23. OPEN INNOVATION 23WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-NC-SA Stage 1 OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPATION Stage 2 SELECTED CALL FOR PARTICIPATION Stage 3 CLOSED CALL FOR PARTICIPATION CROWD CHALLENGES : IDEA CREATION : CROWDSOURCING INVITED EXPERTS : GRAND CHALLENGES : FOCUSED ACTIONS AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS : LEARNING RESOURCES : STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT 23Saturday, August 10, 13 24. 24 skills attitudes .... regulations structures ... Based on the diversity model by Koeppel (2012) WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA CAN WANT DIVERSITY TRIANGLE MAY motivations preferences .... 24Saturday, August 10, 13 25. GENDER DIVERSITY welcome culture WELCOME role of gender diversity QUALITY gender imbalance AWARENESS gender & motivation PARTICIPATION supportive communication RESPECT WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA aims & priorities #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 25 25Saturday, August 10, 13 26. I. AWARENESS WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA gender gap awareness diversity guide diversity portal diversity scouting no awareness without information! hidden good practice have no idea under-/overestimate 26 26Saturday, August 10, 13 27. EXAMPLE: INFOGRAPHICS A draft of an banner for GermanWP (student project) WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 27 27Saturday, August 10, 13 28. II. WELCOME WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA little recognition power battles nitpicking problems with an attitude newcomers local heros workshops save spaces no welcome without service! 28 28Saturday, August 10, 13 29. EXAMPLE: BREAK STEREOTYPES A story board for a lm for GermanWP (student project) WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 29 29Saturday, August 10, 13 30. III. SUPPORTIVE WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA problems with communication declaration learning resources conict mediation reputation no support without commitment! no support insider jargon unfriendly tone 30 30Saturday, August 10, 13 31. EXAMPLE FEEDBACK TRAINER An concept of a feedback trainer (student project) WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 31 31Saturday, August 10, 13 32. IV. QUALITY WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA problems with systemic bias research mapping effects existing tools no quality without understanding! perspectives missing content categorisations 32 32Saturday, August 10, 13 33. V. MOTIVATION WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA problems with participation reasons & drivers building networks editing events no participation without support! prefer other activities have no time enjoy social media 33 33Saturday, August 10, 13 34. EXAMPLE: WOMEN EDIT WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 34 34Saturday, August 10, 13 35. DOING GENDER MATTERS C. WHAT ARE THE KEY CHALLENGES? 35WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 35Saturday, August 10, 13 36. 36 Bottom-up Inclusive Self-policing Autonomy Change Focus Mediation Support BALANCING GENDER WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA 36Saturday, August 10, 13 37. WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA JOIN US! Meet up // Saturday // 15:30 - 16:30 Meet up // Sunday // 13:30 - 14:00 37 37Saturday, August 10, 13 38. WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-SA SAVE THE DATE 38 38Saturday, August 10, 13 39. ILONA BUCHEM CURATED RESOURCES ON GENDER-DIVERSITY: 39WIKIPEDIA-DIVERSITY, CC BY-NC-SA GET IN TOUCH! 39Saturday, August 10, 13 40. Mind Map 40 40Saturday, August 10, 13 41. Google Survey 41 41Saturday, August 10, 13