When I went to Liverpool

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Presentation to practice past tense.

Text of When I went to Liverpool

  • 1. A brief guided tour around the city

2. I stayed at this hotel 2 3. I saw this famous landmark, StGeorges Hall. 3 4. There was a temporary exhibitioninside. 4 5. I went into several beautiful oldbuildings; this is India House.5 6. I spent many hours in thismuseum, the Walker Gallery.6 7. I went to Anfield, a famous footballground in Liverpool. 7 8. I cheered on my team at a footballgame. 8 9. There were lots of spectatorsthere.9 10. I did some shopping here.10 11. I was on the roof of the Liverbuilding, by the River Mersey. 11 12. I went on the big Ferris wheel.12 13. There were many boats moored bythe quays.13 14. These buildings werewarehouses, when Liverpool was abusy port. 14 15. Many emigrants sailed fromLiverpool in the old days. 15 16. I though this sculpture was full ofemotion.16 17. I ran to the Beatles Museum, as Ididnt want to miss it.17 18. I waved goodbye to Liverpool, andwalked along the river Mersey.18