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What do women want?

How to make a women friendly game?

Personal experience

More men than women play videogames

Women play casual games

Men create games for other men

Explanation of the situation

Why haven't women always been playing games?No games were aimed at them

The creators were male

It was a geeky / guy thing

History of gaming

Gaming started in a lab

7th generation consolesNintendo Wii & Ds

Browser gamingFacebookFramville

Gaming websitesspelen.nl

Hardcore vs. Casual

HardcoreLong sessions

High qualtiy

Expensive retail

CasualShort sessions

Simple gameplay

Brought audience

How do women game?

Short sessions

During other activities

More puzzle based

Women games

CasualFarmvilleKeeping lifestock alive and a farm healthy

GardenscapesFinding items and create a garden

Less casualThe simsCreating homes and simulating life

Hardcore girls

Games have no gender restrictions

There are hardcore girls out there!More and more girls seem to break the stigma of gaming being just for guys.Girl gaming websites

Girl gaming clans

Girl gaming competitions

Women gaming stats

Farmville gamers by gender

Who is gaming?

How to create a game for women

CasualGamplaySimple interface


A creative aspect

HarcoreGameplayNo extreme violence

Adventure / puzzles

DesignFemale protagonist

No over the top blood gore or nudity

Why should we include women

A broughter marketMore profit

More women in the game industryGame design changes

More creativty

New games



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