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Seminar class Presentation On What do Architects think

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  • 1. What do Architects think ?? My little Perspective Yadharsh Yathin Seminar on Architecture SRM School of Architecture 1451010065

2. Start with basic Elements of Architecture Creativity Art Design Passion Life Travel 3. Creativity The Product of What you see & what you Manipulate as Imagination Architecture is all about creating new things.. 4. M.R.I SCANNER 5. ART & Architecture 6. Antoni Gaud Church of La Sagrada Familia Can we define the Line where Art ends and Architecture starts ?? 7. Design 8. Life in Architecture 9. Travel Physical Mental Time 10. Redefining Future 11. The Architecture crit Ignore unwanted critics Welcome +ve critics from anyone in any form Need not be formal Importance to matter and not the medium Try to explore others vision 12. Boldness in What you do 13. Exploring your Psychic powers 14. Space not rooms 15. Space and object selection 16. Philosophy In Architecture 17. The Cocoon Story .. The Architects way .. 18. Thank you 19. Index Slide 2 : Creative Art Graphic 2013 Slide 3 :The creative brain Slide 4 : Light fish product designer Slide 5 : M.R.I scanner , Doug Dietz Slide 6 : Chaitya window , Ajanta Elora Caves Roof of Hafez tomb Quotes of Pablo Picasso