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Wellesley Campus Renewal Master Planning: A Better Way?

Since 1972Jon Alvarez, AIA, NCARB - Capital Program Director, Aramark Engineering SolutionsJames Vermeulen, PQS, LEED AP Co CEO, VermeulensMelissa Chabot, LEED AP Project Manager, VermeulensNorth Americas Construction Economists Vermeulens.comBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los Angeles

Service Beyond Estimation

2AIA Continuing EducationVermeulens is a Registered Provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems. Credit earned on completion of this program will be reported to CES Records for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for non-AIA members are available on request.

This program is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education. As such, it does not include content that may be deemed or construed to be an approval or endorsement by the AIA of any material of construction or any method or manner of handling, using, distributing, or dealing in any material or product. Questions related to specific materials, methods, and services will be addressed at the conclusion of this presentation.North Americas Construction EconomistWellesley Campus Renewal


3Learning ObjectivesBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los AngelesWellesley College Campus Renewal Plan

Parallel Estimating and Reconciliation

Implementation Plan

Projecting Escalation

Funding Model


1921 Wellesley from the airWellesley Campus Renewal


4Big Picture Comparison to Traditional Master PlanNorth Americas Construction EconomistTraditional Master PlanA Plan for Campus RenewalOne architect One architect per initiative and a sixth planner for a global lookBuilding siting and campus linkagesDetailed programming with user groupsPossibly site mappingProduced detailed narratives, floor plans, and elevationsOne estimator using traditional $/sf for building typeTwo independent estimatorsNo parallel estimating processProduced detailed estimates in parallel with multiple optionsRelied only on $/sf for building typeReconciled estimates in parallelUse traditional project cost multipliersDeveloped detailed line item project costsLong term escalation projected using construction trend lineDeveloped escalation based on the Boston market and experience of CM, CC and Wellesley College

Wellesley Campus Renewal


5Wellesley College, Wellesley, MABoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los AngelesPrivate, independent, four-year, liberal arts college for women founded in 1870

Mission to provide a liberal arts education, for women who will make a difference in the world

One of the most academically challenging, and diverse colleges in the country

1934 Beebe FreshmenWellesley Campus Renewal


6Wellesley College, Wellesley, MANorth Americas Construction Economist2,300 undergraduate students from all over the world

500-acre bucolic campus, 2.5 million square feet of buildings

Located 12 miles from downtown Boston

1931 Students on BicyclesWellesley Campus Renewal


72007 Comprehensive Facilities PlanBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los AngelesObservations:

Facilities problems resulting from a long-term pattern of underinvestment

60% of facilities hadnt seen major renovation in more than 50 years

1952 Bates HallWellesley Campus Renewal


82007 Comprehensive Facilities PlanNorth Americas Construction EconomistObservations:

Renewal backlog of $216/sf vs $78/sf average among peer institutions

Estimated construction cost of $370 million - 60% infrastructure and mechanical issues

1964 Stone-Davis ReconstructionWellesley Campus Renewal


92007 Comprehensive Facilities PlanBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los AngelesBefore spending $370 million on facilities renewal, the need to marry it with program delivery of the future became obvious

Current state of the facilities is impeding educational effectiveness, research, and the quality of campus life

1973 Tower Court SundialWellesley Campus Renewal


102010 Program Planning Initiative was BornNorth Americas Construction Economist

President and Board of Trustees decided to significantly increase the allocation to campus renewal

Program issues to drive planning

Wellesley Campus Renewal


11Wellesley College Campus Renewal PlanBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los AngelesGround up approach required specialists for each planning initiative

Five Planning Initiatives each with separate program plannersInitiativeArchitectStudent Residential ExperienceNewman ArchitectsArts and MediaGund PartnershipHumanitiesKliment Halsband ArchitectsScience and the EnvironmentEllenzweigWellness and SportsCannon Design

Wellesley Campus Renewal


12Wellesley College Campus Renewal PlanNorth Americas Construction Economist

Study Buildings represented 1.5 million sf of total 2.5 million sf campusStudent Residential Experience initiative comprised half of the 1.5 million sf studiedWellesley Campus Renewal


13Wellesley College Campus Renewal PlanBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los AngelesOrganization

This allowed the College to look at each initiative in detail, and on a parallel track within the time constraints specified(spring 2011 to spring 2013)Wellesley Campus Renewal


14Wellesley College Campus Renewal PlanNorth Americas Construction EconomistOutput Report Conceptual Design Pricing Package including multiple optionsWellesley Campus Renewal


15Wellesley College Campus Renewal PlanBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los Angeles Hired a Sixth Planner to knit together the work of the Five Planning InitiativesWellesley Campus Renewal


16Conceptual Design Pricing PackageNorth Americas Construction EconomistSubstantially more documentation than traditional master planWellesley Campus Renewal


17Detailed NarrativesApproximate space requirement At steam main service entrance a 20 x 14 mechanical room is required to house the steam prv, heat exchangers, pumps, expansion tanks, and appurtenances. At each wing a 14 x 24 mechanical room is required for the residential ventilation AHUs. In general proximity of each kitchen, dining room, and program space, air handling unit mechanical rooms of 14 x 28 will be required to house the individual units. Grease exhaust fans will require an 8 x 8 room preferably at the attic space or can be located exterior to the building.

EquipmentPreliminary size of instantaneous heating hot water heat exchanger to produce 2400 MBH @ 50 psi steam pressure.

Electrical SystemAdditional scope of workProvide a single approximately 500 KVA pad mount exterior transformer for Munger. Provide single interior 75KW generator for Munger Hall.Boston Toronto Dallas Denver Los Angeles Wellesley Campus Renewal


18North Americas Construction EconomistFloor Plans

Scenario 3-1A-RS Munger (319 Seats)Wellesley Campus Renewal


19Cost Estimating

Cost Consultant - Vermeulens & Construction Manager - Turner Construction independently create construction estimates

Boston Toronto Dallas Denver Los Angeles Wellesley Campus Renewal


20Parallel Estimating and ReconciliationMulti-day reconciliation meeting of CC, CM, Space Planner, and Wellesley College PM arrive at final construction cost

North Americas Construction EconomistWellesley Campus Renewal


21Developing Detailed Project CostsWellesley College PM adds soft costs to create the Total Project Control Budget

Hazardous MaterialsFF&EFees and Expenses Construction ContingencyProgram ContingencyBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los Angeles Wellesley Campus Renewal


22Developing Detailed Project Costs

North Americas Construction EconomistWellesley Campus Renewal


23Reality CheckBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los Angeles Wellesley Campus Renewal


24Reality CheckNorth Americas Construction EconomistWellesley Campus Renewal


25EscalationEscalation: relatively high construction escalation rate in the region is expected to persist

Over multiple years, escalation can have a major impact on how much the campus renewal program can accomplish

Delaying a renovation project by a year has the result of making it approximately five percent or more expensive

If project budget is not also increased, a delay reduces the scope that the project can accomplishBoston Toronto Dallas Denver Los Angeles Wellesley Campus Renewal



The developed escalation model indicates the Base Plan actual expenditure will be $456.1 million

Applied escalation to each of five main components of Total Project Control Budget over Project lifecycleFees & Expenses at time of Architect hireRelated Construction (including Hazmat abatement) one quarter before construction startTotal Construction Cost at the commencement of construction FF&E and Expenses at mid-point of construction

North Americas Construction EconomistWellesley Campus Renewal


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