Welcome to Chios island!

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This is a PPT presentation of Chios island (Greece), used during the first meeting of the partners of the Comenius Project "Magical Tour to Water World, 2013-2015". Enjoy! (Primary School of Kallimasia- Chios)

Text of Welcome to Chios island!

  • 1. Chios, one of the greatest Greek islands, is situated in the East Aegean Sea. It is the 5th largest island in Greece. Chios includes also two smaller inhabited islands, Psara and Innousses. The island has a population of 54,000 inhabitants.

2. Characteristics of Chios island PEOPLE: Chios is an island of seafarers, fishermen, scholars and agriculturists. Chios Island is famous for its shipping and its contribution to international trade. 3. The city of Chios is built in the boarders of the ancient city of Chios. Plenty of archeological findings indicate the existence of important Ionian city with big port, theater and temples in ancient years and continues to live up to the 6th century AD. 4. The villages of Chiosare divided into 3 categories according to their position. Voriohora are placed in the north, Kampohora in the central part of the island and Mastihohoria otherwise known as Notiohora in the south. The island has Mediterranean climate with mild winters and mostly dry summers. 5. The land is mostly mountainous with some plains stretching south and east. In Chios there are many water springs. 6. ENVIRONMENT: Mastic tree is unique to Chios and has been recognized for its medicinal qualities, as a seasoning in Greek and Middle-east cuisine and more recently cosmetics. 7. In Central Chios rocky ground and short vegetation dominate the region. A wide range of shrubs such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, levander and much more is the reason why the island is often referred to as "myrovolos" which means fragrant.Special flowers and wildflowers enrich the flora of the island. Cyclamens, lilies, wild tulips and orchids make their appearance in early spring. Out of 250 species of orchids found in Europe, 110 can be found on the island. 8. Education in Greece The Greek educational system is divided into three levels. All levels are overseen by the Ministry of Education. The Greek kindergarten consists of two consequent grades, which pupils necessarily attend, in order to be promoted to primary school level. 9. PRIMARY SCHOOL (Demotikon) is the primary education school, and consists of six grades. Greek pupils enter the primary school approximately at the age of 6. A school year consists of three semesters and marks begin from 0 to 10 or A, B, C. 10. Gymnasio ( Middle High School), a compulsory threeyear school, after which students can attend Lykeion (an academically-oriented High School) or Vocational training. Higher Tertiary education is provided by Universities and Polytechnics, Technological Educational Institutes. 11. isit ll v wi we ces pla he Tday to 12. Vrontados Homer Stone- Daskalopetra Is a small coastal town located at the eastern part of the island. The town is currently the home of various important Greek ship owners. 13. The village of Kardamyla is situated at the northeastern edge of Chios. Its location by the sea matches harmoniously with the surrounding mountainous scenery, offering a nice view to the visitor. 14. Nagos: This seashore stands out by its multicolored pebble sand, surrounding vegetation, caused by the streams and running water in the area. 15. Lagada village is known for its amphitheatric layout along a valley (lagada in Greek) and it is surrounded by olives, fritterer trees, and water. 16. Cog S in mn! oo PIRGIvillage 17. KAMPO S 18. MESTA 19. EMPORIOS 20. Have a nice stay!