Web Tools for Teaching and Learning Mathematics

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Ideas for using Web Tools for Teaching and Learning in the Mathematics Classroom


  • 1. Ideas for using Web Tools forTeaching and Learning in theMathematics ClassroomDarren Barton Southampton University 16th January 2012 d.barton@poolehigh.poole.sch.uk tinyurl.com/amaths @mrdebarton

2. OverviewVLE vs Google SitesInteractive Whiteboards vs Flipped Classroom TechnologiesUser Guides vs Jing 3. Google SitesSimple way to share your lesson notes andresources with students and colleagues.Free!Simple login via your gmail account.Example: tinyurl.com/amathsSign up: https://sites.google.com/ 4. Sharing/viewing of No office docs knowledge Sharing/ of web viewing of designpdf filesneededWhyGoogleSites in theClassroom?EmbedCourse you tubeoutlinesvideos CountCourse down calendars Timers 5. The Flipped ClassroomWhat if students could use all of their lesson time interacting with peers andthe their teacher whilst working on theirassignment, rather than having to spend (a large?) proportion of their time listening to their teacher? 6. flipped-learning.comJon Bergmanntinyurl.com/gcsemathsvids 7. First Attempt!04/09/11, ExamQuestion on KruskalsAlgorithm, 1000+ hits! http://youtu.be/q90X-PvQQq8More recently Explanation of factorisingbrackets followed by questions and answers. http://youtu.be/jqs0_9wO_0A 8. +ExplainEverything 9. http://goo.gl/P3mKJ 10. User Guides for Students Teacher notes? Teacher demo? Screencast ofsteps?http://screencast.com/t/0lkBztEAxvp 11. Angry Birds Use Angry Birds to prompt discussionsabout Calculus in class!? 12. What is the equation of the trajectory theyellow bird needs to follow? 13. What is the equation of the trajectory theyellow bird if it is released at x = 1 with a view to hitting the present?


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