Web 2.0 tools for college students

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<ul><li> 1. Web 2.0 Tools for College Students Sammie HardebeckIUPUI Learning By DesignSpring 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Web 2.0 ToolsCommunication Collaboration Academics &amp;PresentationFacebook DiigoOrganization AniboomGoogle+DropboxGradeGuru GlogsterMeeboHall.com Mindmeister PreziSkypePBworksNoteMeshSlideshareTwitterTrello PaperRaterVoiceThreadTwitterfallTypewith.meQuizlet Xtranormal 3. Communication How can college students communicate?College students usetechnology as acommunication tool to:Meet new peopleJoin groups, clubs, andorganizationsStay in contact with familyand friendsDevelop relationships withadvisors, professors, andother college officials 4. CommunicationWhat tools can college students use to communicate? Social NetworkingFacebookGoogle+TwitterTwitterfall Chat/VideoMeeboSkype 5. CollaborationHow can college students collaborate?Group work is common incollege so students need tobe able to work togetherwhen its most convenientfor them.They also need to shareinformation with groupmembers in order tosuccessfully completeassignments. 6. CollaborationWhat tools can college students use to collaborate? Social Bookmarking Diigo Dropbox Team Collaboration Hall.com PBworks Trello Collaborative Text Document Typewith.me 7. Academics &amp; OrganizationHow can college students keep their academics organized?As a freshman in college itis sometimes difficult tostay organized and on topof coursework.Students can take notes,organize resources, andstudy by using a variety ofonline tools. 8. Academics &amp; OrganizationWhat tools can college students use to stay organized?Mind Mapping MindmeisterStudy Networks GradeGuru NoteMeshStudy Tools PaperRater Quizlet 9. Presentation How can college students present information?Students can presentinformation multiple waysby using Web 2.0 Tools toenhance theirpresentations. 10. PresentationWhat tools can college students use to create/display presentations? Aniboom Glogster Prezi Slideshare VoiceThread Xtranormal</p>


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