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  • 1. ABOUT THE AUTHORABOUT THE AUTHORSally Nicholls was born inStockton, UK. Aftergraduating in PhilosophyAnd Literature, she took anMA in Writing for YoungPeople at Bath Spa University, where she won theprize for the writer who showed the most potential.Sally wrote Ways to live forever when she was 23.She now lives in London and is writing her 2nd novel.

2. SAM OLIVER MCQUEENMy name is SamI am eleven years old I have Leukaemia I collect stories and fantastic factsBy the time you read this, I will probably be DEAD! 3. FELIXSTRANGER Sams best friend whoalso has cancer. Funny, risky, alwaysencourages Sam to dowhat Sam wishes. He died 1 month beforeSam does. 4. SAMS DAD He loves his son very much, but doesntalways show it. He goes to work as much as possible foravoiding the truth that his loving son is dying. He is the one who stay besidesSam, holding his hands until he diedpeacefully in his sleep. 5. SAMS MOM Shes a caring and thoughtful mother. She stays at home to take good care ofSam every day.SAMS MOM She tries to find any way to make Sam She is the one who writes thehappy by helping him to make all his last last notice about Sam in his lastwishes come true. check list. 6. ELLA Sams little sister , astrong personality girl. A sensitive 8 year oldgirl, who likes to ask alot of question, oftenhaving fight withmother. She loves her brotherso much , but nevertells him so. Shes one of a familymembers who staybesides Sam until hedied. 7. MRS. WILLIS Felix and Sams special teacher. They dont learn much in herclass, but they do have a lot offun. Mrs. Willis inspired Sam to startwriting his book, having themwrite down their wishes, encourage them work out tobring their dreams to reality 8. THINGS SAM WANTS TO DOBEFORE HE IS DEAD Being a famousFlying in an airship Going up in a spaceship scientist Seeing a ghost and see the Earth from spaceWriting books Breaking a worlds Running up to the topBeing a teenager recordof a down - escalators 9. QUESTIONS NOBODY ANSWERS How do you know that youve died? Why does God make kids get ill? What would happen if someone wasnt reallydead and people thought they were? Wouldthey get buried alive? Does it hurt to die? What does a dead person look like? Or feellike? Why do people have to die anyway? Where do you go after you die? Will the world still be there when I am gone? 10. Sam makes San important Felix died decision: peacefullyoneSTOPeveningall the medicaltreatment 11. As timegoes by 12. Samshealth is 13. SAM DIED QUIETLY IN HIS SLEEP ON 14THAPRIL ABOUT 5:30 AM HeHe waswas inathome no painAll his family members were with him 14. THINGS SAM WANTS TO HAPPENAFTER HE IS DEAD A funeral should be fun.People shouldnt were blackand tell funny stories abouthim, not sad ones. Everyone can read his book. Give most of his things away. People are allowed to besad, but arent allowed to be toosad. If theyre always sadwhen they think about him, thenhow can they remember him? 15. Sam finally finds his Sam finally find ways to live forever by making his lastways to live forever by moment remains beautifully in hismaking his last moments family members memories forever.remain beautifully inhis family membersmemories Eternally 16. http://vtunnel.com/index.php/1010110A/d4cb57ff85381a53ec0e58683c37759c44f59f86a8ff75ddd0b944 86ef72e84d3b3c69c54e098daf15414 17. You have one lifeand one life only. If you dont evertry, you will never ever known!Yoga