Watch and Learn Mobile Learning System in 5 Steps Pilot Project

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Watch and Learn Mobile Learning System in 5 Steps Pilot Project

Text of Watch and Learn Mobile Learning System in 5 Steps Pilot Project

  • 1. BAK reN Model Watch And Learn

2. In this semester, as an answer the question which is how technology integration in school we created lesson about erosion which is web site based on BAKren (Learning by 5-steps) Flipped - Blended learning environment model in Bahcesehir college for fifth grade students. 3. When students log in Office 365 web site, they can access course samples for every subject. In first section "Genel Bilgi (General Information)", Students gain information about given topic. 4. Before coming class, student which gain information about the topic can watch video about subject in "Konu Anlatm (Lecturing)" section. So, they come to class as ready for lesson. 5. In classroom, after the lecture and discussion teacher want to students to watch animation on Uygulama (Applications)" section. 6. Lastly, on Deerlendirme (Evaluation)" section teacher wants to students to create animation similar to watch before. 7. On next page, you will see that how fifth grade students create this animation given ten minute. Presumably, "adults are not ready" thesis can be seen. 8. There is a lot of statement about technology integration. But as this sample which is directly integrate technology to learning environment is limited. In this sample, Flipped Classroom, Inverted Classroom strategies directly integrate to curriculum and using in blended learning environment. 9. PREPARATION AND OPERATION OF STUDIES OF BAK REN 10. Opinion of some students about this lesson. Yusuf kke Yiit I want to explain my opinion about this lesson. I think, lesson was informative and enjoyable. We learned a lot of thing about subject. We created animation about erosion in Flip Boom Cartoon Application and presented each other. So, lesson become more interesting. 11. Zehra Erdemolu I think this lesson is entertaining and instructive. Before the watching video and animation i dont know anything about erosion. But this visuals help to me learning this subject easily. This is same with other lesson. Sometimes i dont like to open my book. But when i open iPad for lesson i feel ready for lesson. 12. Burak Kahveciolu I think this is the best practice to coming class ready for lesson. Materials in office365 is useful. It is my first time to seeing erosion but i feel that have known a lot of thing erosion since 5 years. Not for only erosion lesson, this practice is perfect for every subject. We can do homework on GoodNotes, Flip Boom Cartoon and study on Office365 and iTunes U. 13. Asl Gkmen I think this lesson is very educational. I figure out the things I didnt understand during class, thanks to my iPad. Office365 is comprehensible and educational web site. Lecture is very good. I think i learn better than when i use iPad in classroom. 14. Doa Sude Hner When we doing a lesson with iPad, i have fun. There is a lot of videos, activities and presentation on Office365 web site. Because of them, i learn clearly about erosion and landslide. Before i didnt know the differences between erosion and landslide but now i know the differences.