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  • 1. Walt Whitman

2. Birthplace of Walt Whitman. Born:May 31, 1819 West Hills, New York 3. Interesting Facts Walt was the second child of nine of WalterWhitman and Louisa Van Velsor. After the assassination of President Lincolnhe wrote a poem called Oh Captain! MyCaptain!. Four of Walt Whitmans early notebookscontaining fragments and revisions of thepoem "Song of Myself", were out of printfrom 1942 and only appeared again onFebruary 24, 1995 4. A young man with the dream of becoming a famous poet! 5. Walt Whitmans Home 6. Famous quote from Walt Whitman. 7. Famous quote by Walt Whitman 8. Favorite quote of mine from Whitman. If more people believed this thenthere would be less suicide. 9. Teaching and Jobs and his family before his true calling a poet.Five years, beginning in 1836, he taughtschool on Long Island; during this time healso founded the weekly newspaper Long-Islander. Walt Whitman married and fathered threechildren he had a boy named Edward andtwo girls named Rachel and Hailey. 10. Whitmans First edition of Leaves ofGrass.Whitman sudden journalist and slash writer into a ground-breaking poet. The first edition of Leaves of Grass (1855) openedwith a rather different portrait of Whitman, the "poet of thepeople," was dressed in a workmans clothing. He wanted hispoetry to celebrate the new nation. Out of the twelve poems(the titles were added later), "Song of Myself," "The Sleepers,""There Was a Child Went Forth," and "I Sing the Body Electric"are the most well known today. In these poems Whitman turnedhis back on the literary of the past. He stressed the rhythms ofcommon American speech, delighting in informal and slangexpressions. 11. The second edition of Leaves of Grass. The first edition did not sell well. So Walt Whitman went for a second editionand added 20 more poems to the the secondedition. It was released in (1856.) Some ofthe new poems that were added were,"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry""Salut au Monde!,""A Woman Waits for Me," and "SpontaneousMe." This edition did not sell well either. 12. The third edition of Leaves of grass. The third edition of leaves of Grass whenWhitman put this version out it was actuallypublished not on his own but by the BostonPublisher. He kept the first 32 poems andthen added another 146 new ones. Not surehow this version sold I cannot find anymoreinfo on it. 13. The fourth edition of Leaves of Grass The fourth edition it was scandalized by itssexual reference. 14. The Civil War and Walt Whitman. During the Civil War (1861-65) Whitmantook off to search for his brother George inVirginia it was reported that George washurt fighting the war. Whitman experiencedthe war first hand he worked in thepaymasters office where he saw illness anddeath then he contracted hospital malaria. Afew months later he recovered and wroteDrum-Taps in (1865) war gave him the willand experience to write Drum-Tap. 15. After the Civil War.After the Civil War and the publication of thefourth edition, Whitmans poetry becameincreasingly preoccupied with themes relating to thesoul, death, and immortality. Whitman was in his final phase of his career.Within the span of some years, the poet had givenway to the poet of internationalism and the cosmic."Whispers of Heavenly Death,"Darest Thou Now O Soul,"The Last Invocation,""A Noiseless Patient Spider," poem of the post-CivilWar period. 16. Dreams were conquered. WaltWhitman has written over 280 poems.Also there were several places named after him. 17. Walt Whitman Bridge built 1953-1957 Crosses the Delaware River. 18. Walt Whitman high school, mall, 19. Eidolons For You, O Democracy From Pent-Up Aching Rivers I Hear America Singing Me Imperturbe Native Moments Once I Passd Through a Populous City One Hour to Madness and Joy Roots and Leaves Themselves Alone Spontaneous Me We Two, How Long We Were Foold A Woman Waits for Me 20. Poems Aboard at a Ships Helm Adieu to a Soldier After the Sea-Ship After the Supper and Talk Ages and Ages Returning at Intervals Ah Poverties, Wincings, and Sulky Retreats All Is Truth Among the Multitude Are You the New Person Drawn Towards Me? An Army Corps on the March 21. Walt Whitmans final resting place.Died: March 26, 1892Camden, New Jersey American poet 22. Work Cited Walt Whitman Biography - family, childhood, children, death, school, young, book, information, born, time Walt.html#ixzz1p9G2facI Walt Whitman Biography - family, childhood, children, death, school, young, book, information, born, time Walt.html#ixzz1pVN3KKBO"Walt Whitman." Encyclopedia of World Biography. 2004. 18 Mar. 2012 . Poetry-182170.html