Vocab Building: Day 4

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Vocab Building is a series of pictorial PPTs for the elementary students.


<ul><li> 1. IN THE HOUSE </li> <li> 2. This is my house. It is small but beautiful. </li> <li> 3. This is my living room. </li> <li> 4. This is our sofa. This is my bookcase. </li> <li> 5. This is a picture. This is my brothers photograph. </li> <li> 6. This is a carpet. This is a daily newspaper. </li> <li> 7. This is a fan. This is a record player. </li> <li> 8. This is a telephone. This is a transistor - radio. </li> <li> 9. This is a video recorder. This is my Tele-vision. </li> <li> 10. This is my bedroom. </li> <li> 11. This the upstairs. </li> <li> 12. MY DINING PLACE </li> <li> 13. In the Kitchen. </li> <li> 14. This is my bathroom. </li> <li> 15. GOOD NIGHT </li> <li> 16. Keep going, keep growing For more PPTs visit: http://www.slideshare.net/9426924642/ With love, davemihir2011@gmail.com </li> </ul>