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These are slides for Dr. Wesley Fryer's opening keynote address at the February 8, 2014, Oklahoma A+ Schools Conference in Norman, Oklahoma. Access the conference program on:

Text of Visualize: Sticky Learning

  • 1. Visualize: Sticky Learning by Wesley Fryer, Ph.D. 8 Feb 2014 Norman,

2. Secrets of the Brain February 2014 3. is STICKY! learning? 4. sticky learning? that persists 5."Our brains are wired for storytelling, so why are we still lecturing in our classrooms? - @bobsprankle 6. what will! we create! today?2001 revision of Bloom's Taxonomy 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. "a process of representing ideas non-linguistically" 12. 13. 14. turn and discuss: !Why have the athletes in the Olympics changed? 15. Whiteboard HD - $6 16. Traditional! notes?Good! notes? 17. Learning Challenge 18. Learning Challenge #2:Practice Visual Notetaking 19. what visual note taking is NOT and 20. is NOT a TEST of your drawing skills 21. is NOT 22. is NOT just for primary students 23. IS a challenging! process of! meaning! making 24. IS a lot like! language! translation 25. IS personal 26. TIPS 27. Use! a! familiar! 28. Consider these free iPad AppsBrushes 3Paper by FiftyThreeAdobe IdeasInkow 29. stay with the get bogged down 30. draw with a thin! black line! FIRST, then GO BACK and shade in! color in a layer behind the others 31. BE BRAVE KIND PATIENT 32. sticky learning? the opportunity to feel uncomfortable as a learner to be a beginner again 33. 34. Secrets of the Brain February 2014What is STICKY! learning? 35. Visualize: Sticky Learning by Wesley Fryer, Ph.D. 8 Feb 2014 Norman,