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2. Objects 3. Models 4. Photographs 5. Drawings 6. Pie Graphs Line Graphs Bar Graphs 7. Charts 8. Video 9. Transparencies 10. Multimedia Presentations 11. The Speaker 12. 13. Prepare in advance!! 14. Simple and Clear 15. Make sure visual aids are big enough 16. Use easily read fonts This is not an easily read font 17. Use a limited number of fonts Using too many fonts can be confusing and hard to read for the audience! 18. Use color effectively Calm and serene. Angry and yelling! 19. 20. Avoid using the chalkboard 21. Display visual aid so everyone can see 22. Avoid passing visual aids around 23. Display visual aids only while using them 24. Talk to audience, not visual aid 25. Explain visual aids clearly 26. Practice with your visual aid 27.