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  • 1. Horror Film Analysis by Lauren Hodge

2. Shot Reverse Shot The children are reading quietly between the janitor and and the silence is broken by the the children. janitor slamming the door open.His position isworking near kidsThe lighting isas he is natural, along with theemployed by thelights of the classschool. While he not in aThe janitor is wearingposition of powera typical orange jumphe is still has asuit one that also hascertain amount ofconnotation ofcontrol over the prisoners. The childrenchildren makingare dressed all inhim more white that matchesscary/dangerous. their hair. This particular shot shows the emotion on When the janitor speaks his the mans face as well as the childrens. Thevoice is gruff and sounds man is angry at them, the children curiousslightly drunk, he becomes but not at all scared.more hysterical as the shot continues. 3. The shot shows theThis shot is ajanitors facial andmedium shot andpartial bodyshows the janitorexpressions. Hesbecoming moreloosing himself to hisviolent towardsemotions and histhe childrenactions reflectjabbing histhat, hes comingwooden brush atcloser to bodily harm.the children andHe looks crazed.threatening them.The janitor threatens the children saying I got a gun too he thinks the children areabnormal and are wrong. He talks about someone climbing on to the roof andpicking of you little bastards. However the children are completely unaffected and juststare at him, this clues the audience in that there is something different and perhapsunnatural about the children due to the fact there is no response from them. Thestereotypical children would be afraid. 4. This shot is a close up andThe mans haggard looksshows the janitor striking makes the man seem morethe boy with the brush. Thedangerous, but he isseems to hate the children unaware of how dire thedue to the fact they wereconsequences will be.conceived during theBlackout.After he hits the boythe music becomesThe only soundlow and tense, thisreally heard is the represents how muchmans demented of a dangerousramblings.situation that thejanitor is in. Its onlynow that he becomesaware of how much athreat they are.This shot starts of with the janitor thinking hes in control of thesituation, hes an adult and has a weapon. Hes physically biggerso could control them that way. Hes abusing the authority that hisposition in the school gives him. 5. What makes thisThis high angle shows the shot even morechildrens dominance over janitor.scary is that theThis subverts stereotypes as even children reactthough hes an adult the children simultaneously. Afterhave more control.the boy was struckthey all stood up.I think the factThey show a untiedthat the children front, almost as if youare so alike in hurt one you hurt thelooks and rest of them.clothes makesthe film morescary as itshows howdifferent andseparate fromthe other townmembers theyare. One of the boys David hesitates slightly before standing, he is the only unpaired out of the children and the most human like. The other children notice this later on and say that his developing of human emotions is regrettable. 6. This close up shows the leader of A shot reverse shot is the children using his powers used between the along with the rest of the others injanitor and the boy the background. This shows us showing the boy using again how unlike the rest of thehis powers and the town and even humanity they falling under his control, though the fist few seconds are of theThe janitor is janitors face in shock.finally realisingthat he was neverin control of thesituation thechildren werelooking for anexcuse to strike. IYou can hear thethink that thissound of the childrensituation worked inusing their powers asthe childrens well as the janitorsfavour as ifSpecial effects are used in this small gasp ofanyone says shot to show us the children shock, then hisanything they can using theyre powers. Theirbreathing. Hes scaredclaim self defence. eyes turn bright green and and is starting to regretthere pupils pulse.casing trouble. 7. His facial expressions shows aThis over the shoulder shot combination of horror, confusionshows the man backing out and detachment. Hes horrifiedthe class under childrens at how different the childreninfluence. truly are and what hes being made to do. Hes confused as to how they are controlling him. And the detachment comes from the mind control.He holds the brushin front of him For every stepperhaps as some the childrensort of defense, atake forwardspart of his mindhe takes oneknows whatback.happening but hestrying to protecthimself.Music that can be described as sci-fi plays in the back ground quiet andslowly, showing how deadly the children are, 8. The tracking shot is used to follow The children are all paired the children out of the door. It showsoff except David whos them advancing on the janitor.partner died at birth, they automatically gravitate to their partner.They arelooking forThe children are veryrevengealike in theirupon themovements andjanitor whomannerisms, they walkstruck theirhuddled together inleader. Theysome form ofwish tomisguided protection.cause himthe samepain hecaused theboy, thoughOnly David looked hesitant at attacking the janitor butthey magnifyfollows them because they are the same as he laterit.tells his mother. 9. This long shot shows the janitor being forced to walk up Sound perspective is the ladders backwards.used, you can hear the tap tap tap of him climbing the ladder and then when the camera focuses on the children you can hear them using their powers.This shot alsolooks to be a lowangle showinghow the childrenare in control. Hessubordinate tothem now as theycan make him doOne thing that makes this scene morewhatever theyscary is the setting a school, a anyone can see the children using their powers but they dont care. It shows that they have faith in their powers and dont feel threatened by the other people. 10. This low angle shows the man beingMoments before his fall forced to impale himself on his brush you can hear drums and after falling of the roof.the music gets louder and more insistent, showing that this scene is the demiseThere is little to of the sound whenthe man is The janitor is foundfalling save by the childrenswhen he teacher who is alsosmashes in to Maras father justthe windscreen seconds afterof a truck. You impact, he knowshear the glass that theshatter and a children, his childyelp from the caused this and isman. scared of them. Again special effects are used in this shot to show the childrens eyes turning red simultaneously. The red colour fits them well as red gives connotations of blood, insinuating his death will be messy and blood. Red is also the universal sign of danger.