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my Assignment 4 [Connect and Combine] for the Venture Lab course - Crash Course on Creativity. This pptexplains how you have to play the new sport called Money Band-it. It uses two household items A pack of rubber band and money (notes/coins)

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  • 1. Venture Lab Creativity Assignment 4 CONNECT and COMBINE

2. Thoughts on pickingHousehold items Pickunusual but easily available items House holding items (cement, brick, mortar?) Use function of item over form Example. Do not choose items that can be easilyreplaceable (bucket or basket one and the same) Allow for items to be used in multiple ways tocreate personal play style 3. Thoughts on Sport Sport can be a leisure activity and need notbe competition Allow for depth as well as skill Easy to setup and can be played anywhere Reuse of material as much as possible 4. Welcome to MONEY BAND-IT 5. What you need to play A pack of rubber bands Money (Notes/Coins) 6. How to play Video url 7. How to play Explanation Player/s decide the area to play in and arrange thenote/coins in that area. The note/coins need to be placed upright and cantake any form/shape (one over the other). The player/s decide upon a distance from where thegame will be played. Take turns to launch the rubber band and aim for theMoney. Smaller the size of the coin/note the more itsvalue. A hit is counted only when the coin/note falls. 8. Additional Modes of play Gamble mode. Players take out equalamounts of money from their own pocketsand take turns to win the money back. Expert mode Where the distance betweenthe player and money increases with everyround. 9. Advantages of this game Beginner and expert friendly. Beginners can choose a closer distance while experts can choose to be farther away. Also if the game is played within an enclosed area there are more chances of rebound shots which can be a strategy as well a luck based element. 10. Player Style Players can choose to place the money inimaginative ways making the game easier ortougher (tower/pyramid). Players can have different ways to launch arubber band. This way they make a stylecomfortable for them to play with. Expert plays can take down more than onecoin/note in one turn by domino effect. 11. Player Style Launch Example 12. Close calls or OH moments When a rubber band just misses. When a rubber band hits, the coins spins butdoes not fall. When a coin falls because of bouncing of awall edge. When there is an unexpected domino effectbecause of a single coin. 13. Now why dont you try it!Mail me and let me know if youliked/disliked this game.Kaiserbreath@Rediffmail.comThanks