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  • 1. 20 year Marketing Plan (JOURNEY)for MELLOW LEA Lea Reyes Oct 2010 JOURNEY MELLOW LEA

2. The Journey of Mellow LEA

  • Daily Rounds
    • Vision/ Mission
    • Roles
    • Monitors
  • Historical Performance
  • End in Mind

3. I align daily

  • My goal in life is to apply the talent
  • that have been given to me by being
  • sincere to the profession I have embraced.
  • Constantly try to improve the process,
  • reporting and interpretation of financial
  • information.

4. I align daily

  • To form an Accounting/Auditing Firm
  • with integrity, respect, and foremost
  • responsibility to the public.
  • Learning how tomellowyet still
  • maintain the focus to go thru lifes
  • j ourney .

5. Winning means doing 7 roles well daily

  • Detailed Employee
  • Affectionate Sister
  • Sensitive Co-Worker
  • Thoughtful Daughter
  • Active Member in the Profession
  • Diligent Student
  • Considerate Supervisor

6. A thoughtful daughter The Mother-Daughter relationship is the most complex Wynonna Judd 7. Active member in the Profession

  • Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants

8. A detailed employee 9. A considerate supervisor 10. A sensitive co-worker 11. Monitoring to make sure

  • Spent quality time with my Mother
  • Sensitive to the need of others
  • Have weekly talk with my Brother
  • Monthly Cash Balance
  • Meet work deadline
  • Attend mass as often

12. This is My Brand Today MELLOW LEA REYES MELLOW LEA PR ENTERPRISES RE THE JOURNEY ACCOUNTANT 13. L aid-back E ngross in trivial things and immature A lways under pressure at work H ot-tempered Historical Performance I used to be. 14. M ature E ven-tempered L evelheaded L iving life to the fullest O rganizedW arm-heartedAm I Now. After the personal bliss and sorrow in my life 15. Free for all

  • You have to block everything out and
  • be extremely focused and be relaxed
  • andmellow.
  • Jennifer Capriati
  • Focus on thejourney,not the destination.
  • Joy is found not in finishing an activity
  • but in doing it. Greg Anderson

16. The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from thejourney , notthe destination. Quote from Don William. Jr. Free for all 17. 12 Marketing Plan for Life

  • I am mellow Lea
  • I have accounting and auditing skills
  • I have my family, friends, co-workers
  • Share with others what I can
  • Hope to graduate from MBA degree
  • Want to travel abroad

18. 12 Marketing Plan for Life

  • Risk others to compete with
  • Render service with veracity
  • Plan to be a Managing Partner
  • Would like to own a car
  • Monitor finances
  • Dream to own the condo unit

19. The20 year journey is worth it

  • Here and Now
  • MBA Student
  • Employee
  • Get car loan
  • Hope to travel abroad
  • Widow
  • P0.995 million loan
  • End in Mind
  • MBA Graduate
  • Managing Partner
  • Own the car
  • Visit my Brother
  • Have companion
  • Own the condo unit

20. Where Ill be tomorrowalways look forward.

  • When the stars are shining in my life
  • I can see a better day
  • I wont let the darkness in
  • What a journey it had been.

Source: The Journey 1993 Lea Salonga