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explains how to bookmark in diigo


  • 1. DiigoSocial Bookmarking and More By Karen, Sarah & StaceyBookmarks

2. Bookmarks In this Chapter:*How To Add Bookmarks BookmarksContinue 3. How To Add BookmarksVideo/Audio VersionBookmarksPlace Mouse on bottom of video,then click Play button to start.Continue for text only version. 4. How To Add BookmarksClick on tab labeled My Library. The page that appears will give you the ability to bookmark.In the left hand column click on the tab AddBookmarks and you will then be directed to a page marked Add New Bookmark.In the space labeled URL type or paste the site you wish to bookmark.In the space labeled Title place an appropriate title that is directly associated with the website general heading. Continue 5. How To Add BookmarksIn the space marked "Tags" select key words and brief phrases that are synonymous or mirror the subject area and its meaning. The purpose of the tag is to enable those searching Bookmarks for a website on a particular subject matter. For example, if your website pertains to Edgar Allen Poe, you might want to use the tags poet short story writer American author horror stories thrillers, etc. Please note that if your tag has more than one word you must use quotation marks. Continue 6. How To Add BookmarksIf you wish to share your bookmark, be sure to check the box named "Share to a Group. In the drop down menu below " Share to a Group find a community you are a member of andBookmarks highlight it. Be sure to click on the blue box entitled "Add a Bookmark.You have now bookmarked, tagged and shared your online resource with your selected e- learning community.


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