Using mobile learning in teaching writing

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  • 1.Using mobile in teaching writingpresented by: Ohoud Alzahrani

2. Using M-learning is really efficient in teaching writing .We all know that written English is one of the main tools in work place and it is important in every aspect of life. 3. Here there are many ways to use mobile in teachingwriting. There are lots of interactive websites that provideonline practice and correction like spilling andgrammar check. We can use our mobiles to help learning how tobuild correct grammatical sentences with explicitattention to the connector words like sentencebuilder application in app store. 4. To improve your story writing skills like paragraphformation and integration of ideas . There are manywebsites and programs which you can access with orwithout net connection e.g. story builder in AppStore. You can use your mobile to practice your cursive, tohelp you to work on hand writing specially kids forinstance ABC cursive is recommended . 5. Teacher can ask students to subscribe in any Chanelthat teaches writing. SMS can be used to poll students opinions or tomake learners aware of current events for writinglesson so they can be ready to write about it in class. 6. SMS messages also help students to write agood script especially with predictive text. Utilize social media is a fabulous way toimprove your writing by chatting ,shearing ,and comment all will help you . 7. Thank you