Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom

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Comics and graphic novels have been in wide use in foreign language teaching, which has brought more loveliness to classroom and improved learning efficiency. Based on actual teaching cases and works of both teachers and students, the paper analyzes how to integrate comics and graphic novels into foreign language teaching. In particular, the author presents ways of using comics and graphic designs in teaching vocabulary, sentences, paragraphs and passages, as well as improving students’ language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, free powerful online comics generator websites and software (for pc/mac/iphone/ipad) are introduced in order to help every teacher and student to easily create their own comics.

Text of Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom

  • Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom International School of Beaverton Xiaofeng Wang
  • The year of horse From my Chinese dough art work
  • My best wishes cornucopia There are two gifts in the treasure bowl.
  • May you Get a lot of money on the ho Get a lot of money immediat
  • May you and your students can Immediately draw cartoons
  • I. Start to read and enjoy COMICS
  • Tsai Chih Chung (Chinese: ; pinyin: Ci Zhzhng; born 1948) is a famous cartoonist born in Huatan, Changhua County, Taiwan of Taiwanese origins.[1] He is best known for his graphical works on Chinese philosophy and history, most notably the philosophers Laozi, Liezi, and Zhuangzi, which he made accessible and popularised through the use of plain language and visual aid of cartoon graphics
  • Actors lines Photographic is a misnomer. I have an eidetic memory as Ive told you many times, most recently last year at lunch on the afternoon of May 7th. You had turkey and complained it was dry. Who is he? 57
  • Some researchers divide learners into three basic types: visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners, therefore, the learning strategies will vary from person to person. But actually people process the information in a more complicated way. Sometimes one strategy works better than the other, sometimes the three strategies need combining. Sony walker Google_image Tillamook
  • And visual learning often plays a higher percentage.
  • Are digital comics far away from us? Edited by Moman Camera, an App software by QQ Kind of Chinese face book or MSN
  • II. Examples and selected Online cartoon makers ACM-Activity Planing Method
  • free and paid stand-alone software and online cartoon makers professional image and animation generate and edit software.
  • What kind of comic online makers or software do teachers and students need?
  • People will say Even if I only know how to type on computer, I can draw wonderful comics and graphic novels; sometimes I even dont need an instructor to teach me. I dont need to be a specialist on information technology. I dont need to good at drawing. I dont need to pay. I dont need to take a long time to sign in or I dont need to register. I dont need to set up or install, I can use it directly.
  • Are there such free and easy- to- learn comic generators?
  • Definitely yes! And there are a lot!
  • This PPT document includes more than 10 online cartoon makers There are 26 websites I selected and analyzed in the orange paper
  • Comic#1.1 1. My tooth hurts so badly. I have to ask for a leave and go to the hospital. 2. I have been waiting for such a long time. Please go to have a medical exam. See you a little bit. 3. Please get the medicine in the pharmacy in the hospital. 4. The medicine is a little bit expensive, but its ok. Mr. Wang saw the doctor in China
  • Comic#1.2 Mr. Wang saw the doctor in US 1. (Making a telephone call) When can I see the doctor tomorrow? 2. (Ten minutes later) Mr. Wang? This way, please. 3.-Finally I see my family doctor for the first time. -You need to see the specialist 4. We are going bankrupt. Is that the insurance company? Why do I have to pay so much? Is that the hospital billing office? Could I get some discount, please?
  • Screenshot
  • PrintScreen Fn + PrtSc
  • Lock+Home
  • Command + Shift + 3 Command + Shift + 4
  • Paste pictures & insert textbox
  • Need to know: 1. Some websites need you to sign up. Luckily, most of the website sign-up process takes only a few steps. 2. Some websites are incompatible with Internet explorer; you can use Chrome, Safari or Firefox instead of it.
  • 3. You cannot log in some websites because of school district policy sometimes. You can ask the IT in your school district for help. 4. On some websites, Screenshot is not allowed. Using your smart phone to take a photo is the easiest way to solve the problem. Need to know:
  • Our first comic
  • I Had a Bad Tooth
  • I Had a Bad Tooth Teacher: Marion, why werent you in school yesterday? Marion: I had a bad tooth, Miss. Teacher: Oh, Im sorry to hear that. Is it better now? Marion: I dont know, Miss. I left it with the dentist.
  • Comic#2My family
  • Comic#3 Mr. Wang traveled in Shanghai
  • Shanghai, Here I am. Its really such a big city! Haha! I cant smile any more. Walk, walk and walk What should I do? I lost my way
  • I want to ask someone else for directions. Excuse me, do you know how to get to International Hotel? Yeap! Walk straight until, and Finally!
  • It seems that the story is supposed to end here.
  • Could you imagine what happened next?
  • One week later
  • Mr. Wang lost his way again
  • He asked the same person at the same place. What a coincidence!
  • I try to find someone to ask again. Hi, How are you? The same question again, Where is the International Hotel? Oh, my God. Have you been looking for a week? &*`%%$#
  • In the city of Shanghai which has 25 million of population, different story happens each and every day. 2500
  • Include what we know and what we dont know. Fun, boring, romantic, common
  • 25 million story, which are exact the same or maybe totally different is happening in the city which has 25 million of population 25002500 The story of yours or mine, or ours
  • Please Tell your story
  • Comic#4Where Mr. Wang, You have a nice shirt. I like it.
  • This phrase has two meanings, 1.Where 2. (When someone praise you, you would say) Thank you / youre too kind, you flatter me. Er, um
  • The collar, sleeve. I like both the style and color. (What a weird teacher!) (What a adorable kid!)
  • Comic#5 comprehend by analogy Teacher: Children, which terms did we learn yesterday? Kids: chair, table , scissors , rope
  • Teacher: Speak out, which terms did we learn today? Kids: rabit, knife, insect Teacher: Very good! Class is over. Go eat lunch.
  • Kid: Teacher, I cant find my steamed bun. Teacher: Did your mum cook steamed bun for you? Kid: Steamed bun doesnt mean lunch bag?
  • Few functions, but super easy!
  • Comic#6Happy April Fools Day I have a letter to send. I will go