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  • 1. A Mathematics & Special Education Collaboration: Strategies For Inclusive Mathematics Instruction University o f H awaii Team: Mathematics E ducation Hannah S lovin, F ay Z enigami Special E ducation Kavita R ao, R honda B lack

2. Overview of project Conducted classroom observations of 1st grade and 6th grade classes at the University Laboratory School (ULS) Examined how needs of struggling learners are addressed within the instructional approaches 3. Curriculum & Instructional Approach 1st grade: Measure Up (MU) 6th grade: Reshaping Mathematics for Understanding (RMU) have a discovery- and problem-based approach to mathematics concepts are not explicitly explained but emerge from problem-solving and discussion 4. Research Question: The curricula are centered on the construction and negotiation of shared meanings. In such an environment, what are the needs and challenges of the struggling learner? 5. Timeline Phase I: April-May 2011 Whole class observations to determine RQ Phase II: August-Dec 2011 Whole class observations with specic questions Discussed observation data as a team Developed categories based on observation data Selected individual target students to observe Phase III: Jan-March 2012 Observed target students Analyzed data and discussed as a team Identied Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports to assist struggling learners 6. Phase I Trying to nd shared protocols for observation Started with UDL Educators Checklist for coding observation notes 7. Info from the following slides can be found at: 8. Phase II: Based on observations in rst phase, derived themes and categories Identied Dilemmas: 1. Conceptual development 2. Rich content 3. Verbalization skills 4. Multiple points of view 5. Fluid protocol 6. Learning goal 9. Phase II: Came up with categories for instructional events, related Dilemmas, and potential challenges/supports 10. Phase III: Data Collection & Analysis Observed target students on consecutive days for two cycles (3-4 days each) Categorized data from observations by mapping them with Dilemmas, Supports and Challenges that had been discussed as a team Discussed emerging ideas with classroom teachers 11. Analysis - Emerging Ideas Measure Up (MU): 1st grade: Several ideas for Tier 2 supports emerged during observation and analysis Gaps in content understanding are minimal, but students need to learn how to learn and how to ask questions Tier 2 will need behavioral and social strategy instruction in addition to academic support 12. Analysis- Emerging Ideas Reshaping Mathematics for Understanding (RMU): 6th grade: Several ideas for Tier 1 supports emerged during observation and analysis phases Some students needed supports with instructional strategies to access the method of learning Several questions emerged from observation of whole class instruction and interaction. See handout at (for specic questions) 13. Next Steps 1st grade Measure Up Code data according to themes 6th grade Reshaping Mathematical Understanding Discuss additional strategies to support struggling learners for Tier 1 whole class Discuss feasibility of implementing strategies with teacher 14. Question and Comments at roundtable discussion


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