Unit 1, part 3 decision making

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Life Skills


<ul><li> 1. Making good decisions can be adifficult responsibility. Here is astrategy to help:Jenison International AcademyMelissa Rodgers</li></ul> <p> 2. Identify the problem Determine all possible solutions Evaluate each solution Act on the best decision Learn from your choice 3. Situation: Earlier in the day you made planswith your friend Taylor to go to a movie. Justnow Charlie called you to hangout. You likeCharlie much better and prefer to hang withhim.Step One (Identify) : what is the problem?Told Taylor you were going to the movie, butsomeone better called. 4. Step Two: Determine all possible solutions (list aminimum of 4) ALL solutions (even if they are farfetched)1. Decline Charlies offer and go to the movies withTaylor2. Call Taylor and lie about being sick, go out withCharlie3. Invite Charlie to the movie also4. Never show up to the movie and go out withCharlie 5. Step three: Evaluate each situation with a positive(+) ornegative (-).Go to the movies with Taylor(+ keep plans) ( - do not get to go out with Charlie)Call Taylor and lie about being sick, go out with Charlie(+ get to do what you want) ( - lied to Taylor, could hurt the friendship)Invite Charlie to the movie also( + get to be with both friends) ( - Taylor may not want Charlie there)Never show up to movie and go out with Charlie( + get to do what you want) ( - make Taylor really mad) 6. Step Four - Act on the best solution: Ask Taylorif Charlie could join and then ask Charlie to goto the movie.Strep Five Learn - Ask yourself did you make theright choice? What would you do differently nexttime? </p>