Unit 1: Digital Literacy

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2. INTRODUCTION TO INFO TECH!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vApOQb8A WHAT IS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY? What does this mean? BRAINSTROM! 3. WHAT IS IT/ICT? Information Technology(IT)/Information Communication Technology (ICT) is how technology is used to manage information. The gathering, processing, storing, and giving vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information through computing or telecommunication. 4. UNIT 1: HARDWARE and SOFTWARE 5. PARTS OF A COMPUTER! There are different parts of a computer which fall under two large categories: 1.HARDWARE 2.SOFTWARE 6. PARTS OF A COMPUTER HARDWARE: is the physical parts of a computer , they are also called peripheral devices. 4 categories:1.INPUT 2.OUTPUT 3.PROCESSING 4.STORAGE 7. HARDWARE1. INPUT: any piece of hardware equipment that is used to provide data and used to give your computer directions. 2. PROCCESSING: any piece of hardware equipment that is used to process the information that is being received from an input device 3. OUTPUT: any piece of hardware equipment that is used to give data from a computer after it has been processed. 4. STORAGE: piece of hardware which saves information so it can be recalled later. 8. The History of the Computer What hardware devices were mentioned in the video and what type of device are they? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPDy2y4AjSo 9. PARTS OF A COMPUTER 10. SOFTWARE is the non physical components of a computer which perform very specific tasks. 11. THE INS of a Computer Networked Environment Operating systems Common Interface 12. NETWORKING Acomputer network is a collection of hardware components and computers connected by communication channels that allow resources and information to be shared. At least one computer is able to send/receive data to/from at lease one other computer. 13. Different types of Networks: LAN: local area network-when computers are located close together-same building. WAN: wide area network-when computers are further apart and are connected by telephone lines-same area but different buildings. CAN: campus area networks-when computers are within a limited area-a school campus. HAN: home area network-when computers 14. GUESS THE NETWORK?!?!LAN WANHAN 15. OPERATING SYSTEMS An operating system is a program that runs other programs which enable the computers hardware to communicate with the computer and which enables software to run. Operating systems are found on almost any device that contains a computer, including cell phones. 16. OPERATING SYSTEMS 4 Different types of Operating systems: 1. Multi-user: allows multiple people to run the same program at the same time. 2. Multi-processing: allows a program to run on more than one central processing unit. 3. Multi-tasking: allows more than one program to run at a time. 4.Multi-threading: allows different parts of one program to run at the same time. 17. Common Operating Systems Windows MAC OS LINUX 18. INTERFACE Interface is how an applications or programs graphic or textual controls are laid out and how they respond to user activity. 19. INTERFACE On the desktop of your computer what do you see? And what do they mean and do? In a chart you will be required to find the definitions of different items that are on your desktop and explain their significance to a computer workstation.


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