Union University: Making Teaching & Learning Mobile

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A workshop at Union University in Jackson, TN by Dr. Michael M. Grant


<ul><li>1.Using Mobile Devices forTeaching &amp; LearningMichael M. Grant, PhDUnion University|January 24, 2011</li></ul> <p>2. Michael M. GrantThe University of Memphis@michaelmgranthttp:/ /viral-notebook.com 3. Download theslides &amp; resourcesfrom here.http://bit.ly/usingmobiles 4. Video from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aUQLIPdtg8&amp;v=0aUQLIPdtg8&amp;gl=US 5. Temperature Checkhttp://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTE0NjU2MTE2MTU 6. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest),how are you doing tonight? Temperature Check 7. How To Vote via Texting 1. Standard tex,ng rates only (worst case US $0.20) TIPS 2. We have no access to your phone number 3. Capitaliza,on doesn t maEer, but spaces and spelling do 8. How To Vote via Poll4.comTIP Capitaliza,on doesnt maEer, but spaces and spelling do 9. Poll Everywhere Presenter TipsExplain what s going onNow I m going to ask for your opinion. Y ll use your phones to respond just like on American Idol. ou So please take out your cell phones, but remember to leave them on silent. Y ll participate by sending a text message. If you don t know how to do that, just ask your kids! Or ou have your neighbor help you figure it out.Address their concernsThis is a just standard rate text message, so it may be free for you, or up to twenty cents on some carriers if you do not have a text messaging plan. The service we are using is serious about privacy. We cannot see your phone numbers, and you ll never receive follow-up text messages outside this presentation. There s only one thing worse than email spam and that s text message spam because you have to pay to receive it!Use a demo or practice poll For example, a Free T Poll like Let s Practice: T in your first name!ext extAlways test your polls in your presentation before your event using the computer that will be projecting your presentation, especially if that computer is not the one you re currently using. 10. Polls, Phones &amp; Pods 11. Solve for Xhttp://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/MjEzMjYyNzIyNw 12. Phonecasting with iPadiohttp:/ /ipad.io/UCR 13. Using Google VoiceVideo from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7PoWsFlsKU&amp;feature=player_embedded 14. Managing the Cellphone Classroomhttp://www.techlearning.com/blogs/35840by Lisa Nielsen 15. 1. Upon entry and departure of class, please ensure cell phones are turnedoff and stored in your backpack.2. On days when we are using cell phones for learning, please ensure they areset to silent.3. Only use phones for learning purposes related to classwork.4. When phones are not in use on a day we are using cells for learning placethem face down on the upper right side of your desk.5. If you notice someone in the class using their cell phone inappropriately,remind them to use proper cell phone etiquette.6. If at any time your teacher feels you are not using your cell phone for classwork you will be asked to place your phone in the bin in the front of theroom with a post-it indicating your name and class. After the first infraction each month you can collect your phone at the end of class. After the second infraction you can collect your phone at the end of the day. After the third infraction your parent or guardian will be asked to retrieve your phone. If you use the phone inappropriately again during the month your parent or guardian will be required to retrieve your phone. At the beginning of each month, you have a clean slate.Classroom ManagementFrom Lisa Nielsen at http://www.techlearning.com/blogs/35840 16. Using QR Codes 17. QR codes every day 18. AndroidiOSNot one of these? Check your app store/online for a readerfor your phone. BB, Im told, has one built into the system. To scan, you need a QR code reader. 19. No smartphone? Try Snapmyinfo.com 20. URL SitesShortenersSnap.vuGoo.glQRjumps.comBit.lyGoQR.meQRstuff.comTo create, you need a QR code generator. 21. In Bitly.com 22. In Bitly.com 23. GoQR.me, QRstuff.com &amp; QRjumps.comoptions for encoding, sizes &amp; output 24. GoQR.me, QRstuff.com &amp; QRjumps.comoptions for encoding, sizes &amp; output 25. GoQR.me, QRstuff.com &amp; QRjumps.comoptions for encoding, sizes &amp; output 26. http://bit.ly/i9JO59Fantastic ideas for QR codes.from Tom Barrett &amp; Paul Simbeck-Hampson 27. Posterous 28. Posterous. Dead simple sharing. 29. Normal. Email post in with post@posterous.com Posterous recognizes the address &amp; posts it to your site. Other email addresses can be added as contributors. Posterous will recognize these addresses then post automatically.Ways to post in Posterous. 30. Normal. A single cellphone number can be entered to post. SMS to 41411 Format: POST Message. Posterous does not accept MMS. (It will accept MMS with an email.)Ways to post in Posterous. 31. Collecting Student Responses &amp; Artifacts in Posterous 32. Make a statement (text, photo, video)about mobile teaching &amp; learning.Put your name in the Subject Line.SMS Send a text to XXXSend an email toMMS post@viralnotebook.posterous.comSend an email toEmail post@viralnotebook.posterous.com 33. Allowing others to post without adding emails. Under Settings &gt;&gt; Commenting &amp; Posting Set to Anyone can post, I will moderate.Ways to post in Posterous. 34. Allowing others to post without adding emails. Under Settings &gt;&gt; Commenting &amp; Posting Set to Anyone can post, I will moderate. Others can email to post@yoursite.posterous.com Others can MMS to post@yoursite.posterous.comWays to post in Posterous. 35. Bypassing Posterous Limit to One Cell Number Directions at http://bit.ly/mobileteachGoogleGmailPosterous VoiceNote: Google Voice does not support MMS. Ways to post in Posterous. 36. Anyone can post. I dont recommend keeping this setting 24/7. Just for security &amp; piece of mind.Consider a private site. I have not tried these posting options with a private site. Please let me know what works.Consider a Posterous site as an add-on.Recommendations 37. Video from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mCkbrYKQyI&amp;feature=player_embedded 38. Mobile Apps 39. Twitter 40. Tweeting?@michaelmgrant 41. Location-based Services 42. Scvngr.com 43. MOBL21 44. MOBL21 is a lot like a mini-mobile CMS. 45. Students Teachers Download app Create content to mobile device.online for Log in with emailstudents. &amp; content code. Push content tostudents.2 ways to use. 46. Right now. Coming. iPhone iPad iPod Touch Desktop with Adobe AIR Android &amp; BlackberryWhich platforms are supported? 47. Cybrarymans Cellphones in Classhttp://cybraryman.com/cellphones.html 48. Download theslides &amp; resourcesfrom here.http://bit.ly/usingmobiles@michaelmgrant 49. Michael M. Grant 2011 </p>