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Text of Understanding Wikipedia

  • 1. Understanding Wikipedia:What it does well, what it does poorly & what we can learn from it Glenbrook Institute DayMini-Conference, 2009 Kris Jacobson, GBS Library

2. 3. Wikis in Plain English 4. Wikipedia is first and foremost an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language. Jimmy Wales 5. Wikipedias Success

  • Open
  • Organic
  • G o o g l e
  • Not an encyclopedia

6. Whats it good for?

  • Our goal has always been Britannica or better quality. We don't always achieve that.
  • Jimmy Wales

7. Whats it good for?

  • Preliminary research onnon-controversialtopics
  • Current events*
  • Things that young men tend to care about
  • Popular culture*
  • Going beyond the party line with politics

* with caveats 8. Current Events 9. Featured Content 10. Featured Content 11. Featured Content 12. Assessing Article Quality

  • Generally avoid articles with these symbols

13. 14. Utilize the discussion tab 15. Understand the Assessment Criteria 16. Understand the limits of neutrality 17. Understand the limits of neutrality 18. Understand Costs & Benefits of Anonymous Editing 19. Building on the Wikipedia Model 20. Building on the Wikipedia Model 21. The End Thanks to David Jakes for his help.