Transitioning Digital Library Services to Support Data Curation

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  • 1. Transitioning Digital Library Services to Support Data CurationJanuary 27, 2013Karen Estlund Head, Digital Scholarship CenterKaren

2. University of OregonKaren 3. UO Libraries Data Team Social SciencesSciences GISKaren 4. Preparing for Data! Image Credit: A Boston edition c.1865 of The RemarkableKaren EstlundStory of Chicken Little, page/n0/mode/2up 5. The Website: 6. Data Management Plans Image Credit: Abel Grimmer (15651630),The Parable of theKaren EstlundBlind Leading the Blind, nd_Leading_the_Blind.jpg 7. Metadata Image Credit: Dryad Metadata Application Profile, VersionKaren Estlund3.0 [August 2, 2010], 8. ToolsKaren 9. PreservationKaren EstlundImage Credit: Wikimedia Servers, 10. Repositories 11. New Services 12. Preservation Big!Karen 13. Karen 14. Karen 15. Women and the Right to be Heard: Claiming Public Space and Taking over the Media,In Stephen, Lynn, Making Rights a Reality: the Oaxaca Social Movement 2006-present Karen Estlund 16. SuccessesKaren Estlund Image Credit: UO Athletics, 2013, 17. Failures or ChallengesKaren EstlundImage Credit: The World Revs its Heat Engine, Marshall Space Flight Center Collection, 18. TBDKaren Estlund fuels-research-collaboration