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  • 1. Transition To Rock 1946-19541951 was the Turning Point, MoreEuropean-Americans listening to African-American MusicWhy? Just Listen.

2. TransitionPop Music- Saccharine Ballads, NoveltySongsR&B - Jump Blues, Doo Wop, GospelInfluenced Singers1951 Bill Haleys Country Band CoveredRocket 88 3. Top 10 of 19511. Too Young - Nat King Cole2. Because of You - Tony Bennett3. How High The Moon - Les Paul4. Come On-A My House - Clooney5. Be My Love - Mario Lanza6. On Top of Old Smokey - Weavers7. Cold Cold Heart - Bennett8. If - Perry Como9. Loveliest Night of the Year - Lanza10. Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page Doggie 4. Top 10 R&B 19511. Sixty Minute Man - Dominoes2. Black Night - Charles Brown3. Teardrops From My Eyes - Ruth Brown4. Chains of Love - Joe Turner5. Dont You Know I Love You - Clovers6. Please Send Me Someone to Love - Sledge7. Im Waiting Just For You - Millinder8. Glory of Love - 5 Keys9. Rocket 88 - Brenston (Ike Turner)10. Rockin Blues - Johnny Otis 5. R&B and C&WBillboard Magazine Changed Chart Namesin June 1949Harlem Hit Parade Became Rhythm andBlues (R&B)HillbillyBecame Country & Western(C&W)Yes, C&W and R&B are Four Kinds ofMusic 6. Influence of RadioAM Radio Waves Bounce off theIonosphere, travel 1,000s of milesListeners Across the Country CouldReceive R&B Radio BroadcastsWhite Teens Could Hear R&B, and CouldOrder By Mail 7. RadioWDIA Memphis Hired all African-American DJs 10/25/48WLAC Nashville Played some R&Bbeginning in 1943, (Randys Records)WATL AtlantaWJMR New Orleans Poppa StoppaMost Were White Imitators 8. Alan Freed1st Important Rock NRoll DJ1st Applied the TermRock n Roll to theMusic Known asRhythm & Blues 9. The Term RocknRollHere was thy father's bed, here in my breast;Thou art the next of blood, and 'tis thy right:Lo! in this hollow cradle take thy rest,My Throbbing heart shall rock thee day andnight:There shall not be one minute in a hourwherein I will not kiss my sweet love's flowerVenus and Adonis, by William Shakespeare 10. The Term RocknRollDo, my Johnny Boker, Come rock and roll meover;Do, my Johnny Boker do!Do, my Johnny Boker, the skipper is a rover; Do, myJohnny Boker do!Do, my Johnny Boker, the mate he's never sober;Do, my Johnny Boker do!Do, my Johnny Boker, the bo'sun is a tailor; Do, myJohnny Boker do!Do, my Johnny Boker, come roll me in the clover;Do, my Johnny Boker do! 11. The Term RocknRollMy Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll (1922)Trixie SmithRock That Thing (1929) Lil JohnsonRock Me Mama (1929) Ikey RobinsonRocking and Rolling (1930) Bob RobinsonI'm A Steady Rollin' Man (1937) Robert JohnsonRock Me Daddy (1937) Georgia WhiteRock It For Me (1938) Mildred Bailey 12. More SongsRock Awhile - (1949) Goree CarterGood Rockin Tonight - (1947) WynonieHarrisRockin The House - (1947) Memphis SlimRock The Joint (1949) Jimmy PrestonAround the Clock Blues - (1947) Joe TurnerWere Gonna Rock, Were Gonna Roll -(1947) Wild Bill Moore 13. Alan FreedCleveland Record Store Owner AlertedHim in 1951Moon Dog Show (WJW 7/4/51)1952 Moondog Coronation Ball, InterracialRock ConcertMoved to New York (WINS) 1954 14. Teens Buying R&B 15. Alan FreedSued by Street Musician Moondog Hardin, ForcedHim to Find A New NameAlan Freeds Rock and Roll PartyBecomes #1 in 1954Rock Concerts & Riots1st Rock Movies 16. Rock Concerts 17. Riot in Boston 18. Rock Movies 19. Alan FreedRadio Fires HimTV Show Causes Racial TensionPayola Scandal Ends Career 20. Covers: Transition orSegregationWhat is it?Is It Racial?Is It Capitalism?The Publishing Business?Was It A Transition Period?1954-55 Kept R&B Off Mainstream Radio 21. Covers1954Sh-Boom - Chords/Crew CutsEarth Angel - Penguins/Crew CutsGoodnight Sweetheart - Spaniels/McGuire S.Shake Rattle & Roll- Joe Turner/Bill HaleySincerely - Moonglows/McGuire S. 22. CoversServed as Transition, Helped Develop ADesire For More, Real R&BPat Boones Covers of Little RichardsTutti Frutti Didnt Work 23. Independent Record LabelsCalled IndiesSpecialized in Fringe Musics: R&B, C&W,EthnicAtlantic, King, Chess, Modern, Imperial,Specialty, SunOperated by Individual, or Brothers 24. IndiesSuccessful Because:1. Small size = Easier to Respond to Trends2. Low Overhead, Profit from ModerateSales3. Avoided Paying Royalties4. One-Man Decision Process 25. Transition ArtistsRuth Brown Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean Early Use of Tambourine (from Gospel)The Clovers Good Lovin (early Doo Wop) 26. Transition ArtistsJoe Turner Kansas City Blues Shouter Honey Hush also Shake Rattle & RollRay Charles Before Gospel Mess Around 27. Doo WopBased on Earlier Styles of Mills Brothers,Ink Spots, Golden Gate Gospel QuartetGospel Groups began to Cross Over in theLate 1940sSh-Boom Top 10 in 1954 28. Doo Wop Characteristics1. Falsetto Lead Singer2. Prominent Bass Voice3. Riff Style Accompaniment Using Scat Syllables4. Early Doo Wop used 12-Bar Blues5. Later used I-vi-IV-V progression6. Acapella (no instruments)7. Triple Subdivision of the Beat 29. Doo WopGroup Names: Birds, Jewels, Flowers, Cars,Numbers, Musical NamesDoo Wop Indies: Atlantic, King, Rama, Gee,GoneOften Groups were Engineered by RecordMen: The Drifters Story 30. Jerry Leiber & Mike StollerMost Prolific Writers of the PeriodMany Hits for Elvis & Drifters (p81)Their Story: Smokey Joes CafRobins/Coasters 31. The PlattersModeled on the InkSpotsHad #1 Hits 1955-1956Borderline Doo Wop,Lack of SyllablesOnly YouThe Great Pretender 32. Classic Doo Wop 1955-58George Goldnerrecorded 93 Doo WopGroupsFrankie Lymon & theTeenagersWhy Do Fools Fall inLove 1956 33. Other Classic Doo Wop Heartbeats A Thousand Miles Away 1956 In the Still of the Night Five Satins Book of Love Monotones 1958 Classic Doo Wop Fades from Popularity 34. Neo Doo Wop1960 a Doo Wop RevivalBecame Mannered Characteristics werelarger than lifeBlue Moon Marcels 1961Barbara Ann The RegentsDaddys Home Shep & the Limelites 35. Doo Wop EndsReplaced by Motown Vocal GroupsToday, Boy Bands Continue