Train your dog to do tricks, check out these great dog training tips!

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  1. 1. Train Your Dog to Do Tricks, Check Out These Great Dog Training Tips! Havinga dog can enrichyour life tremendously,butitcan alsocome withits share of difficulty.Many ownerssimplydonotknowhowto effectivelyhandlecanine behavioral problems,andcansometimes make the dog's behaviorworse.If thisisyoursituation,youcan thenrelax - we're here to help! If you have gottena dog or puppyandyou have crate trainedthemyoushouldalwaystrynotto keep theminthere for more than fouror five hoursat a time unlessit'sovernightorit'sjusta once-in-awhile thing.If you have tohave themin the crate for longerperiodsof time,adogprobablywasn'tthe best optionforyou. Everydog needsacalm and confidentleadertofeel secure.Anydogownercanshow that he is a strong leaderbyencouragingandrewardinggoodbehavior.Provingtoyourpetthat you're a strong leader makestrainingeasierandestablishesabondbetweenpetandowner. Whenyouare training your dog to do tricks and establishingyourleadershiprole,donotbe adverse to lettingthe doglickyouon the face.Thisis commonbehaviorindogswhendealingwiththe Alphainthe
  2. 2. pack. Do notdiscourage thisbehaviorasitcan confuse the animal andconfuse yourrole because youdo not showproperresponse tothisservile behavior. If you are seriousabout trainingyour dog to do tricks,remembertobe a dogduringtraining.Dogs establishcontrol andbehaviorthroughphysical commandsandlessthroughspokencommand.When youwant yourdog to exhibitacertainbehavior,use nudgesorposture adjustmentsphysicallyalong withyourverbal commands.These are traitsyour dogexpectsandwill respondaccordingly. A dog'sname shouldonlybe usedwhenpositivelyinteractingwiththe animal.Call the dog'sname to gethim to come to yourside or call hisname whenyouare servinghisdinner.Don't,however,call your dog's name whenyouare unhappywithhisor her actions.The dogwouldnegativelyassociate thatwith punishment.
  3. 3. As youbeginworking withyourdogontheirtrainingprogram, make sure to pay close attentiontotheir diet.Much like humans,adoggets theirfuel fromwhattheyeateachday. Havinga dietthat isnot nutritionallysoundcanaffecta dog'sbehaviorandmake trainingmore difficult,soyoucan train your dog to do tricks. Your bodylanguage isan importanttool thatwill helpyouasyou begintrainingyourdog.Evenmore than words,the wayyou act tellsyourdoga lotaboutwhat youwant.Stop talkingasmuch and start showingyouranimal whatbehaviorsare importanttoyou. If your otherwise well-behavedandhousebrokendogstartsexhibitingpoorbehaviors,suchasurinating indoors,take itto a vetto rule out any medical problems.Manymedical issuescancause a dog to act out.Don't punishyoursickdog for showingyouthatit issick;helpit.
  4. 4. Everyownerowesitto theirdogto know the basicsof dog training.Andthe goodnewsisthat,evenif youknowlittle aboutcanine behavior,there are simpleandveryeasy stepsyoucan take to developa more positive andhealthyrelationshipwithyourdog.