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Traditional Classrooms vs. Mobile Classrooms

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Text of Traditional Classrooms vs. Mobile Classrooms

  • traditional classroomsvs.

    mobile classrooms

  • Classrooms are changing rapidly as they integrate todays technology into their curriculum. Rather than handing out textbooks, school districts

    are distributing tablets for students to use.

    Many schools are considering the transition to a mobile classroom, but question the expense and wonder how the structure of the classroom will

    change. So as you contemplate and plan this transition in your school, consider the following:

  • traditional classrooms

    mobile classrooms

    Learning becomes more interactive and

    hands on.

    Printed materials tend to be less interactive.

  • traditional classrooms

    mobile classrooms

    Save time and money due to no printing costs.

    Costs more to update and print new versions

    of textbooks.

  • traditional classrooms

    mobile classrooms

    Requires an IT Infrastructure for wifi access and security.

    No need for an IT Infrastructure.

  • traditional classrooms

    mobile classrooms

    Extends independent education outside of

    the classroom.

    Textbooks may make independent education

    difficult for some students.

  • traditional classrooms

    mobile classrooms

    Teachers have access to being connected with students and parents using certain apps.

    Teachers cannot make the same connection through textbooks.

  • traditional classrooms

    mobile classrooms

    Gives students limitless access to resources.

    Resources in classroom are limited.

  • Technology changes the way we operate and learn at all levels of education and business. Though change

    can come with frustration and expenses, the benefits it provides are well-worth the effort.

  • To further discuss your infrastructure needs to prepare for a transition to mobile classrooms, request to talk with a Marco advisor.


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