Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Patent Management Process

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http://lecorpio.comIf you are part of an IP department in a mid-to-large size organization, you are probably facing the same issues as other organizations: More filings with limited budgets, and a greater need for responsiveness to the business clients with a smaller team. In short, you and your team are being asked to do much more with less resources. Maximizing process efficiency is one of the IP department's biggest challenges for effective patent management. Here are the the top 5 tips to optimize your patent management processes:


<ul><li>1.TOP 5 TIPSTO IMPROVE YOUR PATENT MANAGEMENT PROCESS FROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC </li></ul> <p>2. Tip 1:Self Service for Inventors &amp; Service Providers Increase efficiency,reduces costs Image courtesy of SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 3. Tip 1:Self Service for Inventors &amp; Service ProvidersEncourage collaborationImage courtesy of nextup.files.wordpress.comFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 4. Tip 2:Electronic Case Repository Get better visibility into the entire patent life-cycle Image courtesy of pristinehomeserverices.comFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 5. Tip 2: Electronic Case Repository Prior Art ReferencesFile HistoryPatent FamilyCorrespondenceFinancialsBecome a progressivelegal department Image courtesy of axainforma.comFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 6. Tip 3:Integrate Billing &amp; Estimates Into Workflow Processes Track official and professional fees;Monitor expenses and extensionsImage courtesy of pmtechweb.comFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 7. Tip 3:Integrate Billing &amp; Estimates Into Workflow ProcessesOptimize your financial performanceImage courtesy of pmtechweb.comFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 8. Tip 4: Automate Manual OperationsAUTO MAT ESave time, automatemanual processes Image courtesy of rrsd.mb.caFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 9. Tip 4: Automate Manual Operations Identify all opportunities toautomate, let technology help youImage courtesy of industrial-automation-hands-on.comFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 10. Tip 5: Patent Characterization Characterize portfolios by technology areas,business units, products, &amp; ratingsImage courtesy of FROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 11. Tip 5: Patent CharacterizationUse analytical tools to spot trends, findanomalies, identify strengths/weaknessesImage courtesy of apartmenttherapy.comFROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 12. VISIT: or CALL:(408) 850-7260 FROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC 13. TRANSFORM YOUR LEGAL DEPARTMENT FROM SUPPORT TO STRATEGIC </p>