Top 10 Homeschool Mom Tips For 2008

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Homeschool Mom Tips top tips for 2008


  • 1. TOP 10 HOMESCHOOL MOM TIPS FOR 2008 Presented

2. #1 Keep Your Goals In Sight

  • There will be tough times as you and your family journey through homeschooling just as there would be if your children were in school. The difference is, when the tough times come, parents of children who attend school do not usually ask "Should I stop sending my child to school because of this problem/crisis?". Many times, a homeschool family will immediately question their decision to homeschool if problems arise.
  • Keeping your ultimate goal in mind will be helpful as you confront difficult circumstances.

3. #2 Do Not Compare Self To Others

  • Comparison A
  • I am better than them. My kid did better in the spelling bee and the math bowl than theirs did.
  • --You will always be trying to stay ahead instead of enjoying success.
  • Comparison B
  • I can not believe their son is already reading on a ninth-grade level and the age of 3 and mine can't even read at all yet!
  • --You will lose out on the joy and privilege of helping your precious caterpillar become a butterfly.

4. #3 Make A Little Fun

  • As homeschool moms, we have fairly serious jobs. The fate of our family's nutritional and health status, spiritual growth, social relationships and academics are our domain on a day-to-day basis.
  • Despite this, or perhaps BECAUSE of this, we must take the time to make a little fun. Make a little joke, splash a little water, do a little tickling. Lighten up your load and you and your children's smiles will lighten up your day.

5. #4 Learn From Death

  • As many of you may know, Grandpa died two months ago after a long battle with cancer. Of course, these events greatly impacted our lives as a family and also affected how much formal homeschooling we accomplished.
  • A wise friend/homeschool mentor pointed out to me that in fact my children were learning every day from the ordeal. God used his "refiner's fire" (Mal 3:2) to challenge and teach us. I learned to rely on the words of Isaiah 40 that the Lord gives power to the faint and strength to the weak.

6. #5 Pray Without Ceasing

  • There is an increasing amount of "homeschool noise" in America. There are many theories, ideas, curriculum types and approaches and a diversity in the motivations of families for pursuing homeschooling.
  • I have found the need to rely more and more on prayer to sort out all the advice and "everybody else is doing it" instincts within me. I have to pray every day or I will go back to being like a ship tossed about on the sea.
  • Rely on God, not man, to choose your homeschool course.

7. #6 Study Your Bible

  • I have been relieved to find out that I was wrong. I was taught and believed that the Bible had little relevance for life today and certainly could not help me with everyday decision and guidance.
  • Now, I find the Word of God is an indispensable part of my life. Making decisions with God's help is so much easier than listening to a cacophany of man's voices.
  • What a blessing that God has revealed himself to us through his Word!

8. #7 Continue Your Education

  • "How could you with all your education stay home with your children? Aren't you afraid your brain is going to rot?"
  • I have heard this statement or one like it so much since Sam and I made the life-transforming decision that I would stay home with the children.
  • My brain will not rot. I am learning everyday. Who knew homemaking is an important area of study? Moms, become family theologians. Study the Word of God so you can teach truth to your children.

9. #8 Teach Your Children To Pray

  • One day, we will no longer be available on this earth to comfort and teach our children. However, God will never leave them.
  • Teach your children, show them, how to start and nourish a relationship with the Father who will always be there and who will never let them down, no matter how it may seem.
  • Teach by example how they can joyfully serve the one with no shadow of turning in him. Great is God's faithfulness and his mercies are new every day. Hallelujah!

10. #9 Get Standardized

  • My husband and I revisit our homeschooling goals each year. Overall, we want to nurture academic excellence, godliness and creativity in our children.
  • To target academic excellence, we have decided to pursue standardized testing each year. We had a good experience with it this year and it helped me to target strengths and build on weaknesses.
  • Do not be afraid to expose your and your child's weaknesses through testing.

11. #10 Be Thankful and Content

  • Remember, these tips are as much to help me as they are to help you! I have learned that our homeschooling journey is a smoother one if I focus on being content and thankful.
  • I mean be content with EVERYTHING and thankful in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. This is not easy for me yet it is one of my most important tips I would like to share this year for it is the one the Lord has been placing on my heart the most.
  • Start by being thankful that God has made you the terrific, dedicated homeschool mom that you are.

12. The End

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