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  • 8Time Management

    8TIPS & TRICKS to help manage your time through a self study program

  • Make a Commitment

  • Make a CommitmentIf you want to fulfill a self-study goal, you need to start with a firm commitment. Put your goal in writing, and become accountable to your boss, a colleague or a close friend. Without a firm commitment, it is unlikely you will ever find the time.

  • Use a Calendar

  • Use a Calendar Despite best intentions, if you dont schedule it, it wont get done. Use a calendar to establish a timeline with interim deadlines that facilitate program completion. You will be more likely to stay on task and have a visual reminder of your goal.

    A goal is a dream with a deadline Napoleon Hill

  • Prioritize Tasks

  • Prioritize TasksCreate and use a daily to-do list that prioritizes tasks with an A, B, C label and assigns a time-for-completion to each task. Likely your list is already overflowing, so consider reallocating one or more tasks to smaller time allotments over several days to make time for your self-study program.

  • Make Sacrifices

  • Make SacrificesTime is limited to 24 hours a day. If you want to make time to study, you will have to give up something, or a number of little things, in exchange. Keep a time journal over the course of several days and review it to determine what you are willing to sacrifice to gain some study time.

  • Learn to say NO

  • Learn to say NO You cannot do it all; so, learn to say no to requests that are not a priority to you. Be polite, be assertive, and dont attempt to provide an explanation. Otherwise, you will likely end up saying yes.

  • Block out Distractions

  • Block out DistractionsCell phones, TV, email--these are all distractions that eat up minutes, even hours of your day. If you want to find free time, minimize distractions by turning off electronics for a few hours each day.

  • Maintain Focus

  • Maintain FocusEfficient use of time results when you put your energy toward completing one task at a time. If you commit a specific time and place to studying, without the distraction of friends, family or electronics, you will be able to achieve your self-study goal in no time.

  • Make time for Yourself

  • Make time for YourselfYou need to eat, sleep, and exercise to keep yourself healthy. If you ignore these things, you will be physically unable to meet your goals. Similarly, a self-study program contributes toward your professional health. If you fail to make time for it, your career goals may suffer.


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