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Tiara Hotels & Resorts

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  • 1. Anne-Sophie Rivereau
    Matthieu Laboye

2. Website: current organization
The company has a good looking and well organized website however
Optimized pages:
No direct access to a Google map when searching for a hotel
Site content:
No mobile website
Press reviews:
No reviews accessible from Google when searching
3. Site Content & Optimized pages: example of a good strategy they adapt to their company
4. Social Medias: what they have: Facebook
5. Social Medias: what they have: Twitter
6. Social Medias: what they have: LinkedIn
7. Roadmap to Social Media Optimization
Increase linkability:
They should make cross-links between their institutional website and their social media networks
As well we can image some links to travel social media like TripAdvisor
8. Roadmap to Social Media Optimization
Improve tagging and bookmarking
They should add a bookmark button on their website
They can use the addthis application on their institutional website
9. Roadmap to Social Media Optimization
Help your content travel
The hotels are all located in beautiful environment, so they should advantage of that and create videos
They could submit them to a own YouTube channel or create a vlog
Encourage the mashup:
Make this content free to use
10. Roadmap to Social Media Optimization
Additional measures
Creation a real newsletter to be complementary with the Twitter account
Publish pictures of the different properties in Flickr
Put contentin the Press section of the website to help journalists making the promotion of the brand
11. How to measure impact of improvements?
Count the numbers of:
subscribers to the newsletter
followers on Twitter
Fans on Facebook
Look at the evolution of the booking rate

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