The vikings by luisne corey

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<ul><li> 1. The Vikings</li></ul> <p> 2. Origin The Vikings came from Norway , Sweden andDenmark. These countries are also known as Scandinavia. Their land was not fertile ,so they becameinvaders. 3. InvadersThey invaded Lambay Island in 795 AD.They robbed monks and monasteries for goldand chalices.They also invaded France, Britain, Iceland andeven Greenland. 4. LongshipsLongships are made from wood and their sailsare made from wool.If there was no wind they would row.If a Viking died they would put him/her on theboat and set fire to it. 5. EducationVikings kids did not go to school, instead theylearnt stories called sagas.They learnt geography, history and navigation. Their alphabet was called Futhark.They wrote on wood and stone called runes. 6. GodsVikings called heaven Valhalla.Asgard was where the gods lived.Thor the god of thunder he had a bad temperand carried a hammer 7. SettlersVikings settled in places they invaded.A Smithy was a place they made tools.They built towns in Ireland, Limerick, Waterfordand Dublin. 8. End of Viking ageIn 1014 the battle of Clontarf took place.The Vikings fought the Irish led by Brain Boru.The Vikings were defeated ,but Brain Boru waskilled.This was the end of the Viking age.</p>


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