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  • 1. From 56 Ideas to ONE 56 The Knack Pack OAP Project May 19, 2012

2. 56 ideas among team Had to narrow among us First cut a bakers dozen Two viable ideas targetingsame audience were of interest College fundraising site forfamilies Time lapse photo app to capturegrowth of child over time 3. What to do?Ask the audience to help us decide 5 in depth interviews with moms of young children fromnewborn to tweenTWO IDEAS, ONE CLEAR WINNER Overwhelming angst and issuesraised for a college fundraisingwebsite for their child/children Enthusiasm, interest and ideasshared for our Child Time LapsePhoto Capture App 4. New Team Name:The Photo AppKnack Pack 5. Problem: There is no one app that is a momsMEMORY ALLY in their efforts to consistentlycapture the growth of their child Photo Source: BBC News Magazine 6. Our Project: The Child Time Lapse Photo Capture App Photo Source: BBC News Magazine An easy and fun way to be reminded, snap, create and safely store and share a creative, chronological photo memory file of your children using your smartphone 7. Key Findings Initial Interviews All were interested if this were EASY to use, especially liked the reminder / organizedonline storing of kids photos Most were not content with their upkeep and sharing of kids photos nor that theirphotos are protected from loss All liked the idea of creating a time-lapse photo file of childs growth, some wanted toretroactively create using existing photos All liked the idea of being able to somehow print this file out in gift or memory book In discussing how to price, the majority were leaning towards one time fee How likely would you be to download this photo app/service on scale of 1 (not likely) to 5(very likely). Score 4.8 How likely would you be to tell friends about this service on a scale of 1 (not likely) to 5(very likely). Score 4.8 8. Additional Ideas From Initial Interviews Target new moms Allow filters for printing albums and auto text (eg, for dates correlated to childs birth) Add on services akin to virtual scapbooking would be of interest to one Variety of Filters for pix - eg, black/white, auto crop, etc. Allow family/friend email list - quick push of new photos if not all Two mentioned needing to collect photos for a school project and this kind ofarchive/program would be beneficial 9. Evolved Hypothesis from InitialInterviews Concept could be broadened to include some of therecommended features per customer input. Key will be to keep differentiated from other photoapps so more research is required. Idea is to enhance the "phone" photo features as oftenis the sole device carried by most and most often. Must be simple to use and accomplish intent as thisaudience is extremely busy and not all are tech savvynor want to spend precious time "documenting" or"sharing" with others despite desire to really do so! 10. Next: Expand, Refine, Further TestValue Proposition Paid online survey of 15 female audience members Ages 25-40 with household income of $25K+ in the US with at least one child 10 or under AND uses their smartphone to take pictures of them 11. Key Survey Findings The ways in which people do capture and share memories now is highlyfragmented 60% would consider or immediately use our tool to help them with keepingprecious memories organized 87% are somewhat to very interested if our tool reminds them to take aphoto and then would size, date, store and help them creatively share them 73% primarily keep photos on their device leaving them vulnerable to loss orcorruption 60% would want to turn their photos into a short, fun time-lapse videoand other add on services were of interest, 47% even noted would beinteresting in using for pets 60% currently share select photos via email attachments and 80% usefacebook Price tolerance varied as per child photo file from .99 cents to $30 themean was nearly $7 and the median was $5 100% would likely or definitely tell friends and family about this service 12. Evolved Hypothesis from Surveys We did find a surprisingly large number of the womensurveyed are not using any backup (73%) for what aresurely precious photos on their smartphones. Our project may take on more "storage" solutionaspects than originally intended as we had wanted theoutput to be primarily a "time-lapse" photo tool but itseems apparent that many are not safeguarding theirmemories and are indeed concerned or overwhlemedby this. An easy-to-use and non-tech laden tool or time-demanding tool is still key. 13. Marketplace PotentialToday, 54% of moms in the UShave the power to take qualityphotos of their kids at theirfingertips using their trustedsmartphones.2012 Neilsen data notes thatthere are 150 Million peopleusing a smartphone in the US.With 30 million kids, weconservatively estimate 8million potential smartphonefamilies with kids under 8 yearsof age in the U.S. alone 14. Conclusion As nearly 87% of the sample surveyed wouldbe somewhat or very interested and wouldpay per child for an app that reminds, sizes,dates, stores and helps them creatively sharethese photos, we will continue to explore thisidea