The North/South gap and Classification of Countries, v2.0

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An introduction to the issue of global wealth distribution and current terms used to discuss countries according to relative wealth and development.

Text of The North/South gap and Classification of Countries, v2.0

  • 1. The North-South Gap and Classification of Countries

2. The North-South Gap 3. The North-South Gap $ $ 4. The North-South Gap

  • NORTH -wealth - standard of living - industrial development
  • - population

SOUTH - population - wealth - standard of living - industrial development 5. Something to think about?

  • Consider what your life would be like if you were born in another part of the world?
  • What types of things do we rely and use on a daily basis?
  • Are these necessities or luxuries?
  • How would your daily routine compare to someone living in a have not country?

6. Classifying Countries 7. Classifying Countries

  • Most Developed Countries ( MDCs )
    • the richest of the industrialized and democratic nations of the world.
  • Less Developed Countries ( LDCs )
    • countries with little industrial development, little wealth, and high population growth.
  • Least Developed Countries ( LLDCs )
    • very low per capita income, low literacy rates, and very little in the way of manufacturing industries.

8. Classifying Countries

  • We can also classify countries as developed and less developed.

Developed Country Rich NorthIndustrial Good roads, transportation High Energy Consumption Oil, coal, nuclear Good health care Clean Water Developing Country Poor South Agricultural Poor roads, transportation Little Energy Wood, wind, animal, human energy Disease and Famine Polluted or little water