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The Murders in the Rue MorgueJenny Gonzlez GantivaEdgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), writer, poet and critic, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, EUA. He is known as the master of the short story in mystery and horror. In 1827, he published his first poems, then in 1829 he published Al Aaraaf, Tamerland and other Poems. In 1832 his tale MS found in a Bottle won a contest sponsored by Baltimore Saturday Visitor.

Poe was the detective novels father, and his best work was The Gold-Bug. But some consider The Murders in the Rue Morgue, the first detective story, published in 1841. His life was always surrounded of sadness, his father David Poe, died in 1810 and his mother Elizabeth Hopkins Poe died in 1811, Poes brother William died young and his sister Rosalie become insane. He got married in 1836 with Virginia Cleam, but she died five years later. After the death of his wife he began to lose his struggle with drinking and drugs.Edgar Allan Poe, died in 1849 because of his addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

CharactersC. Augustin Dupin.The Orang-Outang.Madame l'Espanaye and Mademoiselle Camille l'Espanaye.The Maltese sailor.The police.SettingsPlace: In Paris, in the Quartier St. Roch. Exactly in the fourth story of a house in the Rue Morgue.Time: About 1830.

ArgumentThe short novel is about two friends that live in a mansion in Paris. The name of one of them is C. Augustin Dupin and the other is the narrator of the story. These guys start to investigate about a murder of two women: Madame lEspanaye and her daughter Mademoiselle Camille. These women were found mutilated in their house.

Dupin, after to investigate the scene, concludes that this murder was not committed by a human but by an Orang-Outang. To test his theory, Dupin puts an announcement in Le Monde newspaper, saying that an Orang-Outang was found in Faubourg Saint-Germain Street, this is the address where the friends live.

After this, a Maltese Sailor went to the Dupins house; the man was the Orang-Outangs owner. The Sailor tell them that the Orang-Outang escaped from his house, came into the ladies house and it killed them, but he couldnt do anything to stop it. So he leaves the scene.Thanks to this declaration, the police released the suspicious and the animal was sold to the Zoo.

BibliographyPoe, Edgar Allan, The Black Cat and other tales. Panamericana Editorial. 2000. Bogota.