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  • The mouthpiece workingDavid Muoz Velzquez

  • Why work with the mouthpiece? A. Jacobs: He practiced using the mouthpiece in the hospital and he improved his

    playing skills with the tuba

    J. Friedmman: He maximizes the efficiency between air and his lips vibration

    C. Vernon: He creates the music from lips, singing as vocal chords

    M. Culbertson: He practiced long notes, slurs and flexibility

    R. Bobo: He mentions Stamps exercise in his book to get a center tone

    S. Schulz: He makes warm ups doing slurs up and down

  • Benefits

    Sound improvement: + air = + sound

    Resistance and flexibility

    Ear development

    Effective warming up

    Big breathing ejercieses

  • How to practice with mouthpiece

    1. Make big inhalations of air


    Breathing gym

    Vibrating lips

    2. Work with great streams of air3. Controle with the hand/paper4. Blow between notes5. Practice the exercises in all grades and tonalities6. Be musical

  • 5 mouthpiece exercises

    1- J. Stamp

  • 2- A. Jacobs

  • 3- Slurs of intervals

  • 4- Slurs of 8va

  • 5- Song

  • B.E.R.P.Uses:

    Benefits: To play mouthpiece in the same position that we play the instrument

    The same benefits as mouthpiece working

    The intonation is be\er because we play in the same position as we play our instrument

    B.E.R.T. Modification: To cut it We practice just 2 resistances

    1. BERP = Mouthpiece

    2. Instrument

    We avoid the intermediate resistance on the original BERPEnglish subtitles are available in the following video

  • pressure controller

    It controls the mouthpiece pressure over our lips

    It detects excessive pressure over the lips



    It Decreases the pressure

    It improves the quality of the sound

    It improves the resistance

    It develops high register

    English subtitles are available in the following video

  • books + CD Trumpet,Horn, trombone, tuba.



    English subtitles are available in the following video

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