The dire importance for usability assessment of software

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Software Usability. The overlooked assessment for user success.


<ul><li> 1. Page 1 - 8C:UsersRizviGoogle DrivePublic Documents6968a4de-da64-425a-8d31-a898600f1701-SSL-SU.odp w w w . s o f t w a r e s e r v i c e s l a n k a . c o m S E N S I B L E S O L U T I O N S SOFTWARE USABILITY THE OVERLOOKED ASSESSMENT FOR USER SUCCESS UI UX </li></ul> <p> 2. Page 2 - 8C:UsersRizviGoogle DrivePublic Documents6968a4de-da64-425a-8d31-a898600f1701-SSL-SU.odp What will you do ? Would you purchase, a Pant or a shirt that does not fit you well Car that does not match the basic creature comforts and functions you are looking for Sports equipment that does not meet your configuration (fit your frame and preferences) though it may be Of the best quality And may have been subjected to the best of manufacturing practices If you purchase it, will you Make full use of it till the end of its lifespan Dispose it as it does not fit you well and is a source of discomfort Or adjust and live with it as you have invested on it Or instead look for a product that fits your specification 3. Page 3 - 8C:UsersRizviGoogle DrivePublic Documents6968a4de-da64-425a-8d31-a898600f1701-SSL-SU.odp A common issue Rolled out software not having success with user acceptance Users are not happy and comfortable with the software They look at alternative solutions for ease of operation Move back to previous systems Develop a negative perception Takes place right across the spectrum from leading software brands (top ERPs) to custom designed software for specific needs and verticals Simply negates the investment Fails to deliver on the planned benefits Especially in terms of productivity and efficiency targets Software alone is good as a car with out a good driver. They go hand in hand Users of the system must believe in its value and the difference it can bring about A team, a partnership In a nutshell ergonomics is crucial for user firendly applications 4. Page 4 - 8C:UsersRizviGoogle DrivePublic Documents6968a4de-da64-425a-8d31-a898600f1701-SSL-SU.odp The reasons There can be many reasons for this Shortcomings in articulating the requirements Oversight on getting the regular users involved from the on set Failing to get the right fit/context between the software and the organization Size and distribution Local aspects and practices Etc. A specific occurence points to where there is a good requirements fit but still fails to get the users on board A closer analysis points to shortcoming on software usability Economy of movement in passage of operations is envisaged 5. Page 5 - 8C:UsersRizviGoogle DrivePublic Documents6968a4de-da64-425a-8d31-a898600f1701-SSL-SU.odp Usability in general Usability is the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object. A key ingredient for success The phenomenal growth of Apple computers can be attributed to the constant success in their ability to engineer great products which blend quality, beauty and usability (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.) The absense of this is the gap between the competition Auto industry, all greate brands from Rolls Royce to Mercedes to Toyota have had their share of success and growth due to their ability to bring about products with quality, beauty and usability Japans success in the electronics and automobile industries speaks of the same characteristics The ingredients for success are a universal blend of the above facts 6. Page 6 - 8C:UsersRizviGoogle DrivePublic Documents6968a4de-da64-425a-8d31-a898600f1701-SSL-SU.odp Software usability Again, many examples can be cited Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. It is not not just the Functionality Pretty user interface (colours, images, animation, etc.) It is also about How quickly and efficiently a task can be effected Especially common, frequent and daily tasks Intuitiveness Responsiveness Consistancy of the interfaces of the application It is not sufficient to be satisfied by a mere functional assessment to check whether a software provides the required functionality It is also verified how the functionality is put together for use Success of Microsoft in various quarters can be clearly atributed to UI usability than technical superiorty. Windows Vs Linux especially on the desktop arena 7. Page 7 - 8C:UsersRizviGoogle DrivePublic Documents6968a4de-da64-425a-8d31-a898600f1701-SSL-SU.odp Some guidelines 1. Get the users of the system involved from the very onset of any product evaluation 2. Focus on routine and repeatable tasks, processes and functions and evaluate these first for usability 3. Arrange for a usability assessment with the key and frequent users (from data entry functions to management functions) as part of the evaluation process to minimize post implementation issues and contingencies 4. Check with reviews and comments from companies similar to yours (type of business, size, volume and location) who have implemented the product under consideration 5. Also check the size of business for which the product has been designed for. Otherwise the product has to scale either way and lose out on usage due to generalization or customization for fit. 8. 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