The Daily Practice - Choose Yourself!

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The Daily Practice from the book Choose Yourself by James Altucher. Link to the youtube video

Text of The Daily Practice - Choose Yourself!

  • The Daily Practice
  • Choose Yourself A book by James Altucher
  • Why is the Daily Practice required? Daily Practice is required to achieve the following goals in life If you want to be happy If you want to eradicate unhappiness in your life If you want each day to be as smooth as possible without any hassle If you want to go to sleep in the night with a smile on your face, everyday If you have hit rock bottom and you want to bounce
  • What is the Daily Practice? Keeping the following four bodies healthy on a daily minute by minute basis Physical Body Emotional Body Mental Body Spiritual Body
  • Physical Body We all know how important our physical body is Dont look at your body as some short term goal and go on crash diets Care for it on a daily, minute by minute basis No junk food, seven to nine hours sleep, EXERCISE Avoid excess alcohol
  • Emotional Body Learn to be positive, surround yourself with positive people Its IMPORTANT to avoid people who bring you down, dont be cruel, avoid engaging or dwelling Energy leaks out of you if someone is draining you
  • Emotional Body How do you do this? Acknowledge Observe Find out ways to engage less The pain will begin to wither Dont be cruel
  • Mental Body Your mind wants to be the BOSS. It makes you keep thinking crappy stuff, it makes you obsess, worry, fear, be depressed, more thinking and eventually! ! BURNOUT!
  • Mental Body You need to tame your mind otherwise it will make you a slave How do you tame? By making it tired, by sweating it, by completely utilising it Set goals, make lists, come up with ideas, tire your mind and do this EVERYDAY Come up with ten business ideas Ten ways you can nd more time for yourself Ten ways I can make money RIGHT NOW
  • Spiritual Body Do not time travel.
  • Spiritual Body What is time travelling? Obsessing on past regrets or about future anxieties These are memories and speculation. You CANNOT control these Do not time travel, live right now
  • Spiritual Body Money Worries Relationship Fears Insecurities How will tomorrow be? Will I be judged because of yesterday? All of this doesnt exist. Its your mind pretending.
  • Spiritual Body Most people think the word Spiritual means God or Religion, thats not true. It means to not time travel, to live in the present Pray - for a few seconds of the day just be thankful Meditate - try meditation for a few minutes everyday, its not that hard Being grateful - think of everyone in your life you are grateful for Forgiving - picture everyone who has done you wrong. Forgive them.
  • Its hard to do all of this every day. Nobody is perfect. I dont know if Ill do all of these things today. But I know when I do it, it works. James Altucher
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