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  • 1. Kuntum Trilestari (20112506002)Rizqy Dwi Amrina (20112506001)The Teaching of LiteratureDr. Rita Inderawati, M.Pd.

2. Before 6 p.m. 3. 1. The bucket rider2. Coal dealer3. Wife 4. Thebucket rider- not easily discouraged, weak, helpless 5. Coal dealer- Kind, helpful. 6. Wife- Arrogant, stingy, liar. 7. The bucket rider The coal dealer 8. The bucket rider- "Its me, an old customer; faithful and true;only without means at the moment." 9. The coal dealer- "Wife," says the dealer, "its someone, itmust be; my ears cant have deceived meso much as that; it must be an old, a veryold customer, that can move me sodeeply." 10. Wife- she loosens her apron-strings and wavesher apron to waft me away.- flourishes her fist in the air. 11. A coal dealers house 12. When the wife hold the coal dealer back by the arm. 13. Canyou feel the bucket riders feeling? Will you do the same thing as the bucketrider did? Do you agree of what the bucket rider did? 14. COAL 15. The Bucket Rider & The Little Match-Seller 16. The Bucket Rider The Little Match-Seller- Setting: Snowy time - Setting: Snowy time- Time: Afternoon - Time: Evening- Character: Poor man - Character: Poor littlegirl- Look for the coal - Look for food & money- Ending: Die - Ending: Die 17. Surah Al-Isra verse: 26Meaning: "And give to families close to their rights, to the poor and people in transit and do not squander (your wealth) is wasteful." 18. Comics (2008) 19. Celluclayand acrylic paint (2010) 20. Abstract painting (2002) 21. The Bucket Rider By: Kuntum & RizqySpeckled snow falls as diamond grainWind blows as razor cuts skin poreThe tangled threads are in my brainThe body is unwilling to step out the doorThe cold felt like sword in sighThe weakness covered the helpless bodyI put my last hope so highDreaming a charity from anybodyThe bucket is emptyThe humanity seems buriedI have no dignityI have no money carriedI cannot freeze to deathAsking for coal as a beggarSurviving for the last breathBut now, Im lost forever 22. Based on the story, we can conclude thatwe, as a human in society, need eachother. Do not give up until the last breath, keepfighting for survive. 23. 24. THANK YOU