That's From A Comic??: Graphic Novels in Films

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Graphic Novels 101

Thats From A Comic??:Graphic Novels in Films

(Plus information on how to read graphic novels and manga)Animusic's Heavy Light

What is a Graphic Novel?

A complete, book length story that is bound in one volume. Graphic novels can either be original or reprinted material from monthly comic books.

A Bit of History:

Graphic Novels grew in the late 1970s and early 1980s and attempted to create a sophisticated story, told in comic book format, in one full-length book.

Todays graphic novels are serious works of fiction that strive toward the status of literature.

How do you read a graphic novel? All the panes and panels are so confusing!

Stevenson High School handoutHow To Read a Graphic Novel more detailed exam

Okay. I get that. Whats the backward deal with all the Manga?

Navigating Manga Panels

They really make movies From comic bookserrumGraphic Novels?? Come on!

Recognize any of these?

What about these?

Why is this genre so popular?I Need A HeroWhy are we looking for heroes?What is happening in the world? Politically? Economically?

Who are THESE guys??Warren Ellis (RED)John Wagner (A History of Violence)Mark Millar (Wanted)Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum)Stan Lee (Avengers, Daredevil, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor)Max Allen Collins (Road to Perdition)Alan Moore (From Hell, V for Vendetta, Watchmen)Frank Miller (Sin City, 300, The Spirit)

Kevin Grevioux (I, Frankenstein)

Do you know.

Erika Alexander Concrete Park

Fillbach Brothers Cadaver Dogs of Winter, Captain Freebird, Star Wars

Tim Fielder Mattys Rocket


Types of Graphic novelsAll-Ages Titles: books are intended for readers of all ages, but are produced with children in mind. Examples Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures, The Batman Adventures and Simpsons.Mainstream Titles: comprise the majority of titles. Often focused on superheroes, these titles are suitable for older children and teenagers, but may contain violence, strong language, and provocative images of women. Examples Fantastic Four, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Professional & Trade JournalsThe Shy Librarian Stephen Weiners column.Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) has a long-running column, Graphically Speaking, appears in every issue.WIZARD Magazine often described as the People magazine of the comic book world.Reviews also appear in School Library Journal, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly.

Websites about Comics & Graphic NovelsComic books for young adults: a guide for librarians: comics get serious: http:// guide to anime and manga: