Thailand+ Social Media- Good to go?

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A brief presentation on whether Thailand is ready for digital media as a major "it" in the media landscape - both technology-wise and consumer-wise.


  • 1.Thailand + Digital Media - Good to go? Aye Thiri PHYO Shaun TAY Liang Yao PHUA Li Guen Caroline Christine BAKELS

2. Whats Hindering?(Given High Internet Speed)

  • Thais Behaviors and Attitude
  • Less intensive, and highly tolerant towards online advertising

Web Language English, which literacy of general public is low compared to other countries. Thus, not understanding the real dynamics of the new social media tools. SUGGESTION: PR Companies Start off with traditional media channels ORsocial media consultancy to educate people of its usefulness first. 3. Is Thailand ready for digital age?

  • NO!
  • Governments Stringent Control over Internet Media
    • ICT (Thai Information and Communication Ministry) blocked 2300 websites and 400 under investigation.
    • Pro-democracy internet users say, Government is suppressing online freedom.
  • Traditional Media is Going to Stay
    • Trust in traditional advertising (TV, newspaper, magazine) ranked higher than that in new media such as mobile phone and Internet.
  • YES!
  • Accelerating Internet Penetration
    • Internet bandwidth: 30Mbps (international) and 226 Mbps (domestic)
  • Richer Content
    • Growing trends of blogging services
    • Interactive sites such as Online News.
  • More WIFI hotspots
    • Available at shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and caf.
  • 3G phones users + Internet mobile Apps
    • i.e. Yozzo, LetsProveWhere

4. What our interviewees has to say Andrew Clark,Founder of advertising firmCreative InHouse Thailandhas embraced digital marketingtarget the affluent market segment it worksculturallywith the"follow my friends" mentality. peopleperceiveonline as a personal platformso one can expect moresincere and honestopinions. Therefore, I thinkpeople trustonline mediamore. Sherrie Daraprai,Executive at I-mobile Youprobably shouldgo somewhere else (laughs) Jon Russell, Staff writer at Director Thailand Magazine - when asked for advice to new foreign PR in Thailand 5. Case Study:Tourism Authority of Thailand 6. Whats it about

  • Use of Social Media to promote Thai tourism
  • Where 5 winning pairs will each explore the selected destination
  • Purpose of UTE

7. Objectives of the campaign

  • Purpose of UTE
    • Enhance the positive perception about Thailand
    • Regain Tourists confidence
    • Clear and balanced understanding
    • Paying attention to social media

8. Evaluation of Online Tourism Campaign

    • Response
      • 206 pairs sign up! (25 chosen)
      • Diverse participants from at least 22 different countries i.e. China, US, India, Indonesia, Germany etc.
      • Free publicity generated by participants - More than 50 blog mentions!

9. Conclusion

  • About the Campaign
  • The campaign is well done
  • Need to improve on consistency of information
  • Allow comments on blogs, website
  • About Thailand
  • If the government is avid about using social media
  • itll only be used more often for more Thai campaigns
  • Although infrastructure is not yet ready within Thailand, people are ready to embrace it.

Is Thailand good to go? a little more and were good to go!