Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy: Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives

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TN STEM Leadership Academy: Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives


ORAUs vision is to support and promote Tennessees efforts to increase student achievement in K-12 STEM education using a network approach that focuses on innovative STEM teaching and learning models and unique partnerships.


Create a STEM Leadership Academy that focuses on the development of STEM leaders who disseminate innovative approaches in STEM teaching and learning to teachers and administration .

Academy Goals

Support innovation and best practices in grades K-12

Support scaling up of best practices in STEM education

Encourage district and school curricula to support STEM education

Recruit and prepare strong STEM teacher leaders

Support STEM teachers

Support the TSIN

Academy Objectives

Develop a cadre of K-12 STEM teachers and/or administrators to serve as lead liaisons to the TSIN

Over two years recruit a total of 150 teachers and/or administrators from across Tennessee, representing all 136 education agencies, to participate in the Academy

Introduce the Fellows to the TSIN and to the innovative practices, communications, technologies, and pedagogical approaches that the platform schools, regional Hubs, and the Network promote

Disseminate information, best practices, and Network updates.

Support TSLA graduates through TSIN-sponsored meetings, Webinars, and conference calls


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